Troubleshooting server hardware issues taking too much time and information that could assist you in troubleshooting not captured? Myriad of tools and log files driving you crazy?

HPE Active Health System is an essential component of the iLO Management Engine portfolio. It is an industry-first technology that provides continuous, proactive health monitoring of over 1600 system parameters. 100% of configuration changes are logged for more accurate problem resolution. SmartMemory and SmartDrive devices log failure information to accurately document events and avoid inadvertent re-use of failed components. This enables customers to start problem analysis faster and spend less time reproducing or describing errors.

Support is easy, just hand off the Active Health System log file to HPE support and get your issue resolution started. You can also view the error information contained in the Active Health System Viewer by uploading your Active Health System file to

What's new

  • New Capabilities enabled via Active Health System Viewer
  • Read AHS logs
  • Self-repair some server errors
  • Firmware analysis, ability to read release notes and download firmware
  • Raise Support cases


Rich Configuration History, Health and Service Alerts

HPE Active Health System is raising the bar on quality and customer experience

Faster and accurate problem resolution

Consolidated diagnostic mechanism

Always-on proactive diagnostics rather than reactive

Enhanced Customer Support with Active Health System Viewer

HPE Active Health System Viewer has the ability to read and troubleshoot Active Health System Data

HPE recommended actions based on experience and best practice within the tool