HPE hardware recycling service request


General information:
On this page HPE employees can request recycling services for (1) customer-owned IT hardware needing recycling, where an HPE sales team (or other HPE entity) sponsors the project (HPE pays recycler, sales team bills customer for any applicable charges), or (2) HPE IT assets needing recycling.
* Note that all items with "*" must be completed before you can submit.

*** NOTE *** Due to world health issues, response to requests and support timing will be delayed (varies by country and changing rapidly). Thank you for your patience.

HPE employee requesting service ("requestor")

Enter below the information for the HPE employee that is (a) assisting a customer with an electronics (IT) hardware recycling request, or (b) seeking to recycle HPE hardware assets.
NOTE: ONLY "@hpe.com" requestor e-mail will be answered. If you are an HPE customer, you must have an HPE sponsoring account representative (HPE employee) enter requests on your behalf. ("@dxc.com" e-mail addresses cannot be used to submit requests.)

Request type

Location of IT hardware to recycle (pick-up / shipping site)

NOTE: (1) If the request type is "customer-owned material to be recycled", then the location information would be for a customer site. (2) There is an option to attach a file for multiple sites.
OPTIONAL for multiple sites--Attach a file listing per-site: (1) facility names and addresses where hardware is located; (2) hardware description and volume (include all information requested in the "equipment to recycle" section below), (3) preferred shipping dates, and (4) if requesting pick-up service, the site contacts and other relevant pick-up service information (see below "pick-up service information" section). NOTE, if you attach a file, you must complete all required fields in this form for at least one of the sites covered in the attachment.

Equipment to recycle

Enter below the number (count) of units to recycle by type:

Services needed

Note HPE Colombia GSD and HPE Colombia GRE/site requests--see the additional Colombia-specific services below.
*NOTE: A "shipping placard" is issued to the requestor as a pdf, which shipping site staff need to print and attach to each pallet or package being shipped. The placard states the recycler ship-to address, as well as codes that are used by the recycler to identify processing steps.

Pick-up service information (skip if not requesting pick-up service)

Provide the name, e-mail address and phone number for a contact at the site who can coordinate with the shipping carrier, and who will be present at the agreed collection time to direct the carrier to the correct material to ship and recycle.
USA and Canada requests only: Provide an HPE 16 digit "Location Code (SCS)", as shown in People Finder, for allocation of shipping costs.



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