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Mix it up: Find your right mix for cloud services

Cloud is a business catalyst, but there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

28 July 2016

In this edition of HPE Business Insights Studio, Paul Muller, vice president of strategic marketing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explores the challenges of cloud services in the modern enterprise with Gary Gruver, president of Gruver Consulting and author of Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale, and Bobby Patrick, chief marketing officer of HPE Cloud.

How do you move with the speed of business in the idea economy to find the right mix of public and private cloud environments without compromising business outcomes? Both technology and culture play a big role. Our experienced panel takes a look at best practices in creating the right mix for your cloud environment.

Breaking down the discussion

Paul, Gary, and Bobby discuss the following topics:

  • Business drivers for public vs. private cloud (0:45)
  • Disruptors driving cloud (2:57)
  • How does IT remain relevant? (3:42)
  • DevOps principles (6:41)
  • Who owns cloud transformation? (7:37)
  • Culture in cloud deployment (11:01)
  • How do you find the right mix? (13:51)
  • Tips of the week (15:31)

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