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Virtualization: A new IT hope

April 2017

By Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst and Editorial Director, Aberdeen Group

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Few lines in the history of cinema, or pop culture in general, resonate so strongly. For decades now, hearing that line sparks excitement in Star Wars fans aged six to 60. People around the world line up to witness the continuing struggle against evil emperors, Sith lords, and the dark side of the Force. And it’s not uncommon for many of us to look for parallels in the struggles of our daily lives.

While it may seem like a stretch to look for comparisons between running IT for a modern organization and a battle in a galaxy far, far away, you actually don’t have to look that hard to see how IT departments everywhere struggle to keep their IT infrastructures from succumbing to the temptations of the dark side and becoming, well, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Businesses today face demands that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Modern users expect to have mobile and high-speed access to everything, and they have a very low tolerance for out-of-date tools and systems. Emerging technologies such as Big Data and the Internet of Things are stressing IT infrastructures, forcing organizations to reevaluate their IT strategies and look for ways to utilize these technologies in order to stay competitive. And the complexities and infrastructure demands that come with meeting these requirements are pushing many IT departments outside of their comfort and expertise zones.

Faced with these demands and their complexities, modern companies can be forgiven if they feel a little like the outmanned and outgunned Rebel Alliance facing off against Imperial battle cruisers and the Death Star. But there is a way that businesses today can overcome these obstacles and build a successful IT infrastructure that lets them beat complexity in the same way that the Millennium Falcon can defeat a swarm of TIE fighters.

Aberdeen Group research has shown that by embracing server virtualization, along with technologies such as private cloud that ease the management of virtual servers and improve application provisioning, leading businesses can boost their infrastructure performance, increase user satisfaction, and reduce costs. By implementing virtualization and private cloud, these organizations can deploy and upgrade applications more quickly, improve their disaster recovery capabilities, and cut their IT expenses.

Of course, no technology is perfect by itself. Even the Death Star was ultimately brought down by a stupid design flaw. But we’ve seen that Best-in-Class organizations utilize the right strategies to avoid issues and get the most out of their virtualization and cloud infrastructures.

It doesn’t take a plea for help in a hologram sent from a droid to know that many companies today struggle to meet increasing technology demands. But, by using the Force of the right technologies combined with the right IT strategies, they may just find a new hope.

Want to learn more? Download the Aberdeen Group White Paper.

For over 20 years, Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst and Editorial Director at the Aberdeen Group, has been using, testing, and writing about the newest technologies in software, enterprise hardware, and the Internet. He previously served as the director of an award-winning technology testing lab based in Massachusetts and California. Rapoza is also the winner of five awards of excellence in technology journalism, and co-chaired a summit on technology industry security practices. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and expositions, and has been regularly interviewed as a technology expert by national and local media outlets including CNN, ABC, NPR, and the Associated Press.


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