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Mercury, Peregrine, Systinet, Opsware, SPI Dynamics, Dialogue, AFP, Output Server

SLT Process

There are five parts to a software right-to-use license transfer: the Request, the License Ownership Confirmation, the Transfer Fee, the Software License Terms and the Transfer Authorization. Each of these five parts must be in place before HP will grant a right-to-use license.


[1] THE REQUEST - The current owner of the right-to-use licenses must send to HP's Software License Transfer Group a written and signed request for the transfer. The easiest way to be sure to provide all the necessary information is to use HP's Software License Transfer Request Form.

The current owner of the right-to-use licenses, the Transferor, must sign this form.

All the address, contact and phone number information is required for the Transferee and the Transferor. Please write clearly! The same person cannot represent, or sign on behalf of both parties to the transfer.

The person representing the Transferee cannot sign the Request Form.

This form may be faxed to the SLT Group at 408-796-5390.

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[2] THE FEE - A cost recovery fee of $400 USD, plus applicable sales tax, is charged per batch of Mercury, Peregrine, Systinet, Opsware, SPI Dynamics, Dialogue, AFP (Exstream), or Output Server transfers. Sales tax is required for all transfers into/within the US. Sales tax is based on the location of the Transferee/New Owner. The payment should come with the Transfer Request. We can accept checks, money orders, Visa, Master Charge or American Express. If the Transferee has a tax exemption certificate, please enclose it with the Transfer Request. Checks and money orders must be sent directly to the HP SLT office in California.

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[3] THE LICENSE OWNERSHIP CONFIRMATION - Right-to-use licenses must have been purchased from Mercury, Peregrine, Systinet, Opsware, SPI Dynamics, Exstream, or Dazel before they merged into Hewlett-Packard; or directly from HP or an HP Authorized Reseller; or HP must have previously approved the transfer of these licenses. HP's SLT group will use your customer/license identification numbers to request a Full License Report that shows which licenses you hold and the quantities.

To confirm ownership of your licenses, we need at least one of the following:

  • Your customer identification number with HP (eg. MPN#, SAID, etc.) as noted on the Transfer Request
  • The order number from the purchase of the licenses
  • The asset number of the licenses
  • If previously transferred through the SLT process, a copy of an executed Software License Transfer Authorization - Exhibit F00
  • If you are unsure of your customer identification number, you can send us any HP documents that may have your customer identification number and we will review them.

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[4] THE SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS - EXHIBIT E36s - The Buyer/Transferee must sign the Exhibit E36S - HP's Software License Terms including HP AS-IS document before HP will grant them a right-to-use license.

These terms are for used product and are different from the ones the customer may have signed for new product. These terms do not replace or over-ride any Master Agreement the customer may have.

The same person may NOT sign the Transfer Authorization form and the Terms forms. This applies even if the transfer is for a merger, acquisition, buy-out, or company split.

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[5] THE TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION - Once HP's Software License Transfer Department has received BOTH the Request and the Proof, they will be used to draft the software and hardware specific Software License Transfer Authorization. The Authorization will be emailed or faxed to the seller/current owner/Transferor to review.

A representative of the seller/current owner/Transferor must sign the Authorization. Then the signed Authorization must be returned to HP. The transfer will not take place until the signed Authorization is received.

HP will execute the Authorization and send one original to the Transferee. The license transfer is not complete until the Transferee receives this document.

TRANSFERS will not take place until all five parts have been completed. The HP SLT Department is a facilitator of the transfer. The Current Owner/Seller/Transferor is responsible for contacting HP's Software License Transfer Department to initiate the transfer, and for the completion of all five parts of the transfer.

When the transfer is complete the SLT Group will send the new owner a Special Order Number and directions on how to request the licenses through the HP License Key Delivery Service website.


Contact Information:

Hewlett-Packard Company
MS: SLT 4061
19420 Homestead Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: 408-447-4418
Fax: 408-796-5390
Web Site: www.hp.com/go/slt

HP Support: 1-800-386-1115 or http://www.esca.hp.com/

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