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Notice: HP-UX B5736DA HA Monitors Issue

B5736DA HA Monitors is a recommended ISU in the Enterprise and MC Oes for 11.31, but it is NOT part of the Foundation OE (FOE) or TCOE. However, after installing FOE or TCOE from a depot containing multiple OEs, the bundle tag B5736DA shows up in the swlist output, but only the EMS-MIBMon product is loaded.

The EMS-MIBMon product from B5736DA is installed because there is a dependency set on this product from the EventMonitoring bundle, which is incorporated into the SysMgmtMin bundle for all OEs. Since SysMgmtMin bundle sets the is_reference attribute to "false", whenever any product or fileset in the B5736DA bundle gets installed, the bundle tag gets installed too, even though the whole product is not installed.

The behavior of the partial product being installed to satisfy the dependency has always been the case, but due to the restructuring of the OE's the bundle tag now appears.

The customer is not entitled to the full B5736DA for the Foundation and Technical Computing OEs and the product will not work. But, if a customer is audited for licenses, it will appear they have a product they are not entitled to.

Solution: In the next 11.31 quarterly release, the is_reference attribute on the SysMgmtMin bundle will be set to TRUE. This will prevent the bundle tag from appearing.

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