HP9000 Series 9000/700/800
                           HP-UX Application Software
                           CD Part Number - 5014-0312

                                   2 of 7 CDs

                               CDROM CONTENT LIST


  CPL Product: 100BaseT-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 589243
  Description: EISA 100BaseT;Supptd HW=A4308B;SW=J2780BA

  CPL Product: 100BaseT-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1315789
  Description: HP-PB 100BaseT;Supptd HW=A3495A;SW=J2759BA

  CPL Product: 10GigEthr-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1037317
  Description: PCI-X 10 Gigabit Ethernet;Supptd HW=AB287, HW=AD385

  CPL Product: B2491BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1397973
  Description: MirrorDisk/UX

  CPL Product: B3188B
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 8005390
  Description: DCE/9000 Security Server, Media and Manuals

  CPL Product: B5403BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1397973
  Description: MirrorDisk/UX

  CPL Product: B5494BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 976785
  Description: HP-RT Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPrt)

  CPL Product: B9117AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 2063
  Description: VERITAS Volume Manager 3.5 for HP-UX

  CPL Product: FDDI-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 780976
  Description: PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739A/A3739B;SW=J3626AA

  CPL Product: FDDI-02
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 960725
  Description: HPPB FDDI;Supptd HW=J2157B;SW=J2658BA

  CPL Product: FDDI-03
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 431150
  Description: EISA FDDI;Supptd HW=A3659A/B5502BA; SW=J2647BA

  CPL Product: FibrChanl-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 2181269
  Description: PCI/HSC FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6684A,A6685A,A5158A,A6795A

  CPL Product: FibrChanl-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1915623
  Description: FibreChannel;HW=A6826A,A9782A,A9784A,AB378A/B,AB379A/B,AB465A,AD193A,AD194A

  CPL Product: GigEther-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 2628262
  Description: PCI/HSC GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A4924A/A4925A;SW=J1642AA

  CPL Product: GigEther-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1154965
  Description: PCI/PCI-X GigEther;Supptd HW=A6794A/A6825A/A6847A/A9782A/A9784A/A7109A/AB465A

  CPL Product: IEther-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1009841
  Description: PCI/PCI-X IEther;Supptd HW=A7011/A7012/AB352/AB290/AB545/AD193/AD194/AD331/AD332

  CPL Product: IGNITE
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 713463886
  Description: HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)

  CPL Product: ISEEPlatform
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 130786413
  Description: ISEE Platform

  CPL Product: Ignite-UX-11-11
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 713463886
  Description: HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.11 Systems

  CPL Product: Ignite-UX-11-23
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 713463886
  Description: HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.23 Systems

  CPL Product: Ignite-UX-11-31
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 713463886
  Description: HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.31 Systems

  CPL Product: J3529A
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 8852156
  Description: High Performance Frame Relay Link software for HP 9000

  CPL Product: J4240AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 3240077
  Description: Auto-Port Aggregation Software

  CPL Product: J4256AA
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 11493877
  Description: HP-UX IPSec

  CPL Product: JAVAOOB
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 12463
  Description: Java2 Out-of-box for HP-UX

  CPL Product: PCIMUX-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1349772
  Description: PCI MUX1; Supptd HW=AD278A/AD279A

  CPL Product: PRMKernelSW
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 30397
  Description: HP PRM Kernel Software

  CPL Product: RAID-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 2598567
  Description: PCI RAID; Supptd HW=A5856A

  CPL Product: RAID-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 3536661
  Description: RAID SA; Supptd HW=A7143A/A9890A/A9891A

  CPL Product: T2762AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 42552
  Description: HP Global Workload Manager Agent LTU

  CPL Product: T2782AC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 739
  Description: HP Virtualization Manager for HPUX LTU

  CPL Product: T2784AC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 719
  Description: HP Capacity Advisor for HPUX LTU

  CPL Product: T2786AC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 44010
  Description: HP VSE Suite for HP-UX 11i LTU

  CPL Product: TOC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1349
  Description: CD Table of Content Bundle (Do NOT install)

  CPL Product: TermIO-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1434628
  Description: PCI MUX; Supptd HW=A6748A/A6749A/J3592A/J35923A; SW=J3596A

  CPL Product: TermIO-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 659279
  Description: EISA MUX; Supptd HW=J2482A/J2483A; SW=J2467C

  CPL Product: TokenRing-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 1010746
  Description: PCI Token Ring;Supptd HW=A5783A/A4930A;SW=J1644AA

  CPL Product: TokenRing-01
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 869427
  Description: HPPB Token Ring;Supptd HW=J2166B;SW=J2250B

  CPL Product: TokenRing-02
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 516028
  Description: EISA Token Ring;Supptd HW=J2165B

Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 266933
  Description: SCSI Upper Layer Module Service

  CPL Product: Z7126A
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 2541914
  Description: NIO Datakit/ Commkit 4.0

  CPL Product: Z7476AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 40605796
  Description: ACC and X.25/9000 Software Bundle

  CPL Product: Z7486AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 2822649
  Description: ACC Protocols for Application Developers

  CPL Product: scsiU320-00
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 779295
  Description: PCI-X SCSI U320; Supptd HW=A7173A/AB290A