HP9000 Series 9000/700/800
                           HP-UX Application Software
                           CD Part Number - 5013-6556

                                   7 of 7 CDs

                               CDROM CONTENT LIST


  CPL Product: HPSIM-HP-UX
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 484797431
  Description: HP Systems Insight Manager Server Bundle

  CPL Product: Java15JRE
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 125049545
  Description: Java 1.5 JRE for HP-UX

  CPL Product: OpenSSL
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 88355690
  Description: Secure Network Communications Protocol

  CPL Product: T2805AA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 8642509
  Description: HP Utility Pricing Metering Software

  CPL Product: TOC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1349
  Description: CD Table of Content Bundle (Do NOT install)

  CPL Product: WBEMSvcs
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 67616621
  Description: HP WBEM Services for HP-UX

  CPL Product: hpuxwsApache
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 60808829
  Description: HP-UX Apache-based Web Server