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                           HP9000 Series 9000/700/800
                           HP-UX Application Software
                           CD Part Number - 5013-6492

                                   5 of 6 CDs

                               CDROM CONTENT LIST


  CPL Product: B3187B
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1570423
  Description: DCE/9000 CDS Server, Media and Manuals

  CPL Product: B3188B
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 8005390
  Description: DCE/9000 Security Server, Media and Manuals

  CPL Product: B5488BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 102852
  Description: HP-RT VME Backplane Networking

  CPL Product: B5490BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 442873
  Description: HP-RT Streams Product (STREAMSrt)

  CPL Product: FIREFOX
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 63802585
  Description: Firefox for HP-UX

  CPL Product: FIREFOXsrc
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 66717735
  Description: Firefox Source distribution

  CPL Product: GTK
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 121455312
  Description: GTK+ 2.6 The Gnome GUI Runtime  Toolkit

  CPL Product: ISEEPlatform
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 114085382
  Description: ISEE Platform

  CPL Product: J4258CA
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 234715677
  Description: Netscape Directory Server v6 for HP-UX

  CPL Product: Java15JDK
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 157970525
  Description: Java 1.5 JDK for HP-UX

  CPL Product: Java15JRE
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 124866623
  Description: Java 1.5 JRE for HP-UX

  CPL Product: MOZILLAsrc
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 58459038
  Description: Mozilla Source distribution

  CPL Product: T2346BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 109365023
  Description: HP Continentalclusters

  CPL Product: TBIRD
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 74452460
  Description: Thunderbird for HP-UX

  CPL Product: TBIRDsrc
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 67020802
  Description: Thunderbird Source distribution

  CPL Product: TOC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1349
  Description: CD Table of Content Bundle (Do NOT install)

  CPL Product: perl
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 188537284
  Description: 5.8.8 Perl Programming Language