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                           HP9000 Series 9000/700/800
                           HP-UX Application Software
                           CD Part Number - 5013-6489

                                   2 of 6 CDs

                               CDROM CONTENT LIST


  CPL Product: B5486BA
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 130323077
  Description: HP-RT Developer's Kit

  CPL Product: B6817AA
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 27728821
  Description: ObAM Runtime Environment

  CPL Product: B6960MA
Codeword Req.: No
         Size: 650549994
  Description: HP OpenView Storage Data Protector

  CPL Product: TOC
Codeword Req.: Yes
         Size: 1349
  Description: CD Table of Content Bundle (Do NOT install)