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New and Updated Products for February 2007

11.31AR Newly Released or Updated Products

                                      800 Platform

                                            Product                           Update/   
Base   Category            Description      Number           Version          New       
11.31  Drivers             10Gigb Ethernet  10GigEthr-00     B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             OTS/9000 S800    32070B           C.13.00.00       New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    MirrorDisk/UX LT B2491BA          B.11.31          New       
11.31  Performance         HP OV GlancePlus B3693AA          C.04.55.00       New       
11.31  Performance         HP OV Glance Pak B3701AA          C.04.55.00       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    PRM sw/lic       B3835DA          C.03.02.02       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen Fortran90 LTU    B3909DB          B.11.31.01       New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    HPOnlineJFS      B3929EA          B.11.31          New       
11.31  Performance         HP OV Perf Agent B4967AA          C.04.55.00       New       
11.31  HighAvailability    MC/SerGd NFS Kit B5140BA          A.11.31.02       New       
11.31  HighAvailability    HA Monitors      B5736DA          A.04.20          New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen HP-MPI           B6060BA          B.11.31.09       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen MLIB Math Lib    B6061AA          B.09.05.05       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen C SB LTU- Eng    B6445EB          E.11.31.02       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen C SB LTU - Jpn   B6446EB          E.11.31.02       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen C++ SB LTU - Eng B6447EB          E.11.31.02       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen C++ SB LTU - Jpn B6448EB          E.11.31.02       New       
11.31  Internet            GTK+ Libraries   B6848BA          1.4.gm.46.16     New       
11.31  Utilities           DataProtector    B6960MA          A.06.00          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Workload Manager B8843CA          A.03.02.02       New       
11.31  CompilersDevelopmen C/C++ Dev LTU    B9007AA          C.11.31.01       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    iCAP             B9073BA          B. New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    HP VxVM - Full   B9116BA        New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    Base-VxFS        Base-VXFS        B.11.31          New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    Base VERITAS VM  Base-VXVM        B.4.10.032       New       
11.31  DisksFileSystems    BaseLVM          BaseLVM          B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Kernel Config    Casey            B.11.31.00       New       
11.31  Interoperability    HP CIFS Client   CIFS-CLIENT      A.02.02.01       New       
11.31  Interoperability    HP CIFS Server   CIFS-SERVER      A.02.03          New       
11.31  Drivers             Common IO lib    CommonIO         B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    DistribSysAdUtil DSAUtilities     C.01.00.07       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    EMS Framework    EventMonitoring  A.04.20          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WBEM-FCProvider  FCProvider       B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             XL2 PCI Adapter  FibrChanl-00     B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             FCD Software     FibrChanl-01     B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    FS CIM Provider  FileSysProvider  B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Disks & File Sys FileSystems      B.11.31.02       New       
11.31  Drivers             GbE PCI 1000BT   GigEther-00      B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             Dual Gbe S/W     GigEther-01      B.11.31          New       
11.31  Desktop             GraphicsTechCom  Graphics         B.    New       
11.31  Desktop             HP-UX Dev Kit    HPDesktopDev     B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    SysInsightMgr    HPSIM-HP-UX      C. New       
11.31  InetServices        FTP Server       HPUX-FTPServer   B.11.31          New       
11.31  Security            HP-UX Host IDS   HPUX-HIDS        F.04.00.15       New       
11.31  InetServices        Mail Server      HPUX-MailServer  B.11.31          New       
11.31  InetServices        Name Server      HPUX-NameServer  B.11.31          New       
11.31  Security            Bastille         HPUXBastille     B.3.0.20         New       
11.31  Networking          MobileIPv6 HA/CN HPUXMOBILEIP     B.    New       
11.31  Internet            HP-UX Apache     hpuxwsApache     B.      New       
11.31  Internet            HP-UX Tomcat     hpuxwsTomcat     B.       New       
11.31  Internet            HP-UX Webmin     hpuxwsWebmin     A.1.070.08       New       
11.31  Internet            HP-UX Tools      hpuxwsXml        A.2.01           New       
11.31  Drivers             PCI HyperFabric  HyprFabrc-00     B.11.31.01       New       
11.31  Drivers             InfiniBand-Core  IB4X-00          B.11.31.05       New       
11.31  Internet            IdMIntegration   IdMIntegration   A.01.00.002      New       
11.31  Drivers              Dual Gbe S/W    IEther-00        B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Ignite-UX        IGNITE           C.7.0.212        New       
11.31  Security            HP-UX IPFilter   IPFilter         A.03.05.13       New       
11.31  Security            HP-UX IPSec      IPsec            A.02.01.01       New       
11.31  Drivers             X.25/9000 Link   J2793B           B.11.31.01       New       
11.31  Drivers             HP-APA           J4240AA          B.11.31.02       New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 EE NN      J6378AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 Link       J6380AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             TN3270           J6381AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 APPN EN    J6382AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 3270       J6383AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 RJE        J6384AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Drivers             SNA+2 API        J6385AA          R7.11.31.001     New       
11.31  Java                Java JDK 1.5     Java15JDK      New       
11.31  Java                Java1.5 JDKAddon Java15JDKadd      New       
11.31  Java                Java JRE 1.5     Java15JRE      New       
11.31  Java                Java1.5 JREAddon Java15JREadd      New       
11.31  Java                Java Out-of-Box  JAVAOOB          2.03.10          New       
11.31  Utilities           Judy libraries   Judy             B.    New       
11.31  Security            Kerberos Server  KerberosSvr      D.03.12          New       
11.31  Internet            LDAP-UX Integ    LDAPUX           B.04.00.10       New       
11.31  Internet            Mozilla          MOZILLA     New       
11.31  Internet            Mozilla Source   MOZILLAsrc     New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Network ConfTool NetworkConf      B.11.31.02       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    NParcommands     NParCmds         B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    HW Par Provider  nParProvider     B.    New       
11.31  Internet            RedHatDirSvrV7   NSDirSvr7        B.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Online Provider  OLOSProvider     B.01.00          New       
11.31  Networking          ONC+             ONCplus          B.11.31          New       
11.31  Security            OpenSSL          OpenSSL          A.00.09.08d.001  New       
11.31  Security            PAM Kerberos     PAMKerberos      D.01.24          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    ParMgr           ParMgr           B.    New       
11.31  Drivers             PCIMUX-00        PCIMUX-00        B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    PeriphDev        PeriphDev        B.11.31.01       New       
11.31  Utilities           perl-non CPL     perl             D.5.8.8.A        New       
11.31  SystemManagement    PRM Kernel SW    PRMKernelSW      C.03.02.02       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    PRM SW Libraries PRMLibraries     C.03.02.02       New       
11.31  Drivers             RAID SA software RAID-01          B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WBEMSCSIProvider SCSIProvider     B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             SCSI U320        scsiU320-00      B.11.31          New       
11.31  SecurityChoices     Security Tools   Sec00Tools       B.01.04.07       New       
11.31  SecurityChoices     Host Lockdown    Sec10Host        B.01.04.07       New       
11.31  SecurityChoices     Lckdn+Firewall   Sec20MngDMZ      B.01.04.07       New       
11.31  SecurityChoices     Lckdn+MoreFirwal Sec30DMZ         B.01.04.07       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Security Config  SecConfig        B.11.31          New       
11.31  Security            Sec Patch Check  SecPatchCk       B.02.05          New       
11.31  Security            Secure Shell     SecureShell      A.04.40.005      New       
11.31  Drivers             SAS HBA          SerialSCSI-00    B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    SwManagementMin  SwMgmtMin                         New       
11.31  SystemManagement    SwPkgBuilder     SwPkgBuilder     A.   New       
11.31  SystemManagement    System Mgmt Base SysMgmtBASE      B.00.02.04       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    SysMgmt Homepage SysMgmtWeb       A.        New       
11.31  Java                Java JDK 1.4     T1456AA      New       
11.31  Java                Java1.4 SDKAddon T1456AAaddon      New       
11.31  Java                Java JRE 1.4     T1457AA      New       
11.31  Java                Java1.4 RTEAddon T1457AAaddon      New       
11.31  Java                Java JPI 1.4     T1458AA      New       
11.31  HighAvailability    Serviceguard SW  T1905CA          A.11.17.01       New       
11.31  HighAvailability    SGeRAC           T1907BA          A.11.17.01       New       
11.31  HighAvailability    ECM Toolkit      T1909BA          B.04.00          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Pay Per Use      T2351AA          B. New       
11.31  HighAvailability    SGeFF SW         T2389BA          A.01.00.00       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    gWLM Agent       T2743AA          A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    gWLM Agent LTU   T2762AA          A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    HP Vman LTU      T2782AC          A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    HP CapAd LTU     T2784AC          A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    HP VSE Suite LTU T2786AC          A.    New       
11.31  HighAvailability    MCSG Ext for SAP T2803BA          B.04.50          New       
11.31  Desktop             TechSysConf      TechSysConf      B.    New       
11.31  Drivers             PCI Mux 8/64Port TermIO-00        B.11.31.01       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Update-UX        UPDATE-UX        B.11.31          New       
11.31  Drivers             USB Drivers      USB-00           C.01.05.00       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Users & Groups   UserGroups       B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    Utilization Prov UtilProvider     A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    VMGuestLib       VMGuestLib       A.02.00.31       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    VMProvider       VMProvider       A.02.00.31       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    vParProvider     vParProvider     B.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WBEMProvider-LAN WBEMP-LAN-00     B.11.31          New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WBEM SDK         WBEMSDK          A.02.05.02       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WBEM Services    WBEMSvcs         A.    New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WLM Toolkits     WLMToolkits      A.01.10.01       New       
11.31  SystemManagement    WLM Monitor GUI  WLMUtilities     A.03.02.02       New       

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