Why has hpmade the decision not to enhance OpenMail any further?

hpis increasing its investment in software and simultaneously rationalising the number of product lines we sell.  An example of our decision to increase investment in targeted areas is the acquisition of Bluestone and increased funding in other hpsoftware products. Whilst overall investment is increasing, we have to be clear on which areas we would no longer be investing in. We have made the decision not to invest further in building our own messaging products.

Although OpenMail has been a highly successful product for hp, it is now 12 years old and does not fit our new software investment strategy. We have made the decision that, while the technology is still robust and useful, all products have a life cycle.  In most cases, when a product reaches the end of its natural life it is better to redesign or move to the latest technology. We believe that this is the case with OpenMail.  In addition, OpenMail is the only end user application we have and is not consistent with the areas we are targeting with our newly announced software strategy.

How long will hpcontinue to support OpenMail for?

hpwill support our customers using versions 6.0 and 7.0 of the product for the next five years until March 31st 2006. The new 7.0 release further strengthens OpenMail's ability to support thousands of users per server and provide rich functionality when connected to the Outlook client. Support for OpenMail 5.10 continues until 31st October 2001.

I'm using OpenMail 5.10 at the moment. Can I continue using it?

You can continue to use OpenMail 5.10, but hpwill no longer take support calls for OpenMail 5.10 after 31st October 2001. Most OpenMail users are upgrading their systems to either OpenMail 6.0 or 7.0. If you are using OpenMail 5.10 and want to upgrade to one of the latest versions, you will need to purchase subscription for the one time upgrade. (You can download an evaluation version of OpenMail 7.0 from the OpenMail web site before buying subscription.) The subscription price depends upon the number of users you have. Subscription will not be available after 31st October because we assume everyone will have upgraded to 6.0 or 7.0 by that time.

What OpenMail engineering work will continue?

hpwill continue to fix serious or critical defects for OpenMail 6.0 and 7.0. hpwill not enhance the product once OpenMail 7.0 is released in March 2001. We believe that OpenMail 7.0 is a very competitive product that meets the needs of existing OpenMail customers. As such it will continue as a proven, reliable and useful software product for hp's customers.

Will hpcontinue to support the existing clients?

hpwill continue to support the published client versions that go with each release. If the client manufacturer obsoletes a particular client version within the 5 year support life, hpwill examine the option of supporting a newer version. hpwill not support new client features. We shall only support the feature set of the original client version. In some cases it will not be possible for hpto support a new version of a client. The reasons for this could be varied for example a newer version may use a completely different API, or use a different architecture.


What are the plans for support of current MAPI Outlook versions?

We will continue to support Outlook 97, 98 and 2000. (Note: Outlook 97 is not supported by the B.06.00 MAPI OFS release.) However we will not support any future versions of Outlook that use MAPI. We will continue to support Outlook Express (IMAP) and certify against future versions where reasonably possible.

What about future versions of MAPI Outlook?

Microsoft has announced that the next major release of Outlook will not be based on MAPI. The release will probably be called Outlook XP. Today it is often referred to by its project name Outlook 10. Outlook XP uses MAPI for legacy support of older versions of Exchange, but it also uses a new Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) based protocol called Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) for new features. Given the amount of reengineering that would be required, this new release of Outlook will not be supported by OpenMail.

Will hpsupport OpenMail on new versions of hp-UX?

As new versions of hp-UX come out during OpenMail's 5 year support life, hpwill add support for them. During this period hpwill discontinue OpenMail's support for older versions of hp-UX.

Will hpsupport OpenMail on new versions of Solaris and Red Hat Linux and AIX?

hpwill attempt to support new versions of Solaris, Red Hat Linux and AIX as they come out. This will only happen if there is sufficient customer demand, and if supporting a new version of Solaris, Linux or AIX is practical. Most OpenMail customers use hp-UX rather than Solaris, Linux or AIX.

What about X.400?

X.400 is functionally stable. hphas made very few changes to the product over the last 2 years, even though a reasonable number of hpcustomers will  continue to use the product. hpwill continue to take support calls for the X.400 product until 1st March 2004.

Do I have to continue paying for support once OpenMail 7.0 is available?

Yes. You must renew your support agreement to ensure you continue to receive OpenMail updates and OpenMail telephone support. You should purchase the necessary Phone In Assist (PIA) and License To Use (LTU) support products from your support representative.

What about OpenMail subscription?

You should purchase OpenMail subscription if you are currently using OpenMail version 5.10 or older. Subscription will allow you to upgrade to one of the two supported versions either OpenMail 6.0 or 7.0, and to be able to run the latest version of the client (e.g. MAPI) drivers. Subscription remains available until the end of October to allow customers running older systems to buy a onetime upgrade to OpenMail 6.0 or 7.0. Evaluation software is available until October. After October, subscription will no longer be available, and the older versions of OpenMail will become unsupported by hp.


Can I just buy a proportion of the annual subscription sufficient to get my system upgraded?

Subscription runs until October 31st this year. Any subscription bought now is treated by hpas a onetime upgrade from 5.10 or earlier to 6.0 or 7.0. hpdoes not provide a version of subscription that runs over a shorter time period because this would allow customers to jump in and out of the subscription process. The annual subscription price is set at a level by hpto cover the cost of major releases that is fair to all OpenMail customers.

How long will the OpenMail web clients be supported for?

hpwill support the web clients for 5 years in the same way as the OpenMail server. There will be no enhancements to the web clients, though hpwill fix important bugs that are reported to us.

What Email system is hprecommending as an upgrade?

We are not recommending any system as a replacement for OpenMail. Each of the alternative systems on the market has a different set of advantages, which means no one system is a good fit for all of our customers. Obviously, OpenMail supports thousands of users on a server at a very high percentage of uptime. It supports a wide range of different clients. It also has a very low cost of ownership when compared to other mail server products. Consequently, we think many OpenMail users will continue to use the product until their business requirements change. hphas partnerships in place with many of the next generation messaging providers, and would be pleased to discuss these options with you when the time arises.

Do you plan to change your support of PKI?

We continue to support Entrust, Unity 4.5, Entelligence 5.0 and PKI products with OpenMail 6.0 and 7.0. We will support this combination for 5 years assuming Entrust continue to provide support of the relevant versions of their products for this period.

Is hpplanning to develop a new mail server to replace OpenMail?

We have no plans to do this at the moment. We think OpenMail is a good email solution for many organisations, and feel that it has been developed as far as it can logically go. Future generation systems will probably integrate voicemail and email services, and make heavy use of web and XML based technologies.

How long will the OMGUI client be supported for?

The OMGUI client will be supported for the next 5 years in exactly the same way as the server. There will be no enhancements to the product. This applies to all language variants Japanese, US English and European. Please note continued client support depends upon continued operating system support from the original manufacturer. For example, Microsoft has to support Windows 98, for hpto continue to support OMGUI on Windows 98.

How is hpVirtualvault support affected?

hpwill support OpenMail versions 6.0 and 7.0 with hpVirtualvault 4.0. hpwill also continue to support hpVirtualvault 3.5 against OpenMail 6.0 until hpVirtualvault 3.5 is no longer supported. Future versions of hpVirtualvault will be supported if practical, and only then to provide equivalent function and feature set support as the earlier versions. New hpVirtualvault features won't be supported.

How long will hpcontinue to sell OpenMail?

Customers may purchase OpenMail until October 31st 2001. This includes purchasing subscription to upgrade to OpenMail 6.0 and 7.0, additional copies of the software and licenses. After this date, existing customers will be able to buy additional licenses where it makes sense in hp's judgement, and should contact their hpsales representative for further information or guidance.

What is happening to the free evaluation version of Linux?

The evaluation version was created to generate awareness for OpenMail, and to encourage use of the product on the Linux platform.  Because we are not promoting OpenMail to new customers, the evaluation version will be removed from the OpenMail web site on 31st October 2001. The evaluation version issued from March 2001 will be restricted to 50 users for testing as normal, but will expire on March 31st 2006. The evaluation version of OpenMail is intended to allow customers to try out OpenMail in a test environment - prior to purchasing subscription and moving to OpenMail 7.0.