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Software License Agreement
All licensed HP OpenVMS I64 customers are entitled to download HP software for the Java™ Platform at no cost, subject to the product's Software Licensing Terms and Conditions. Please read these thoroughly and commence downloading of kits only after acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you access this software, you are manifesting your legal agreement to the terms of the Software License Agreement.


Download Kits

Software Development Kit (SDK) v 1.4.2-6
The SDK v 1.4.2-6 kit is based on Sun Microsystems' Java™ 2 SDK, Standard Edition (J2SDK), v 1.4.2_19 Solaris Reference Release and Olson timezone data files tzdata2008i, and implements the J2SDK v 1.4.2. The SDK includes the Run Time Environment (RTE) although the RTE is also available as a separate kit.

The SDK v 1.4.2-6 kit is available for OpenVMS I64 v8.2-1 and higher. To upgrade to the newly released OpenVMS version 8.2-1, see HP OpenVMS Systems.

This kit requires operating system patches (ECOs). For detailed patch information, see the SDK v 1.4.2 patch installation page.

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Run Time Environment (RTE) v 1.4.2-6
The RTE is targeted primarily for developers who want to bundle the RTE with their applications for redistribution. The RTE is included with the SDK, but please note that redistribution of the SDK is not permitted. Information for developers who redistribute the RTE with their software can be found in the RTE documentation.

The RTE v 1.4.2-6 kit is available for OpenVMS I64 v8.2-1 and higher.

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