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HPE offers complete Java™ solutions to our customers, including our Fast VM which provides users of OpenVMS Alpha and Tru64™ UNIX® with one of the fastest Virtual Machines available today!

For the full list of current SDK kits and related software that you can download at no cost, refer to the product table below. You can also view documentation on-line before downloading by visiting our software documentation page. To find answers to your questions about our products, check out our frequently asked questions.


Product Table

Note: Beginning with 1.3.1, our Fast VM and Plug-in are included with the Java software Alpha kits from HPE.


OpenVMS Alpha

OpenVMS Integrity servers

Tru64™ UNIX®



» JDK 8.0




» JDK 6.0-7
» JRE 6.0-7



» JDK 5.0-9
» JRE 5.0-9

» JDK 5.0-7
» JRE 5.0-7


1.4.2 » SDK v 1.4.2-9
» RTE v 1.4.2-9
» SDK v 1.4.2-6
» RTE v 1.4.2-6
» SDK v 1.4.2-9 
» RTE v 1.4.2-9
» Motif 2.1 Patch


Software Archive

Some SDK kits that are no longer current can be downloaded from our archive: software download page. We recommend that you use the latest software kits available in the above product table.


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