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For the list of archived SDK kits, view the product table below.

Support (Please Note)
Support for archived kits, versions 1.3.1 and 1.4.2 and higher, is provided on a 'best endeavor' basis through your local customer support centers. These products do not contain the latest enhancements, bug and security fixes. For our latest Java technology software kits, please visit our software download page. Best Endeavor Support does not include escalation to HPE product engineering except for problems that also occur with current products listed on our software download page.

HPE provides version 1.2.2 and earlier as a courtesy to developers and system builders for problem resolution. These products have completed the end-of-life process and are no longer supported under standard support contracts. This is consistent with Sun Microsystems' end of life policy documented at Java Technology EOL Policy.

Documentation for archived kits is not available on-line but is included with the software kit. Please read the documentation for important installation and release-specific information, including operating system version support and product requirements (e.g. SDK requirement for the Fast VM and Plug-in kits).

Software License Agreement
All licensed Tru64™ UNIX® and OpenVMS customers are entitled to download our Software Development Kits at no cost, subject to the product's Software Licensing Terms and Conditions. Please read these thoroughly and commence downloading of kits only after acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you access this software, you are manifesting your legal agreement to the terms of the Software License Agreement.


Product Table

Note: Beginning with 1.3.1, our Fast VM and Plug-in are included with the SDK Alpha kits from HPE.


OpenVMS Alpha

Tru64™ UNIX®

OpenVMS Integrity



» JDK/JRE v 6.0-6
» JDK/JRE v 6.0-5
» JDK/JRE v 6.0-4

» JDK/JRE v 5.0-9
» JDK/JRE v 5.0-4
» JDK/JRE v 5.0-3

» JDK/JRE v 5.0-3
» JDK/JRE v 5.0-2

» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-7
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4.p5
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4.p2

» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-7
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-6
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4.p2

» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-4
» SDK/RTE v 1.4.2-3


» SDK v 1.3.1-7
» RTE v 1.3.1-7
» SDK v 1.3.1-5
» SDK v 1.3.1-3
» RTE v 1.3.1-5
» RTE v 1.3.1-3

» SDK v 1.3.1-8
» RTE v 1.3.1-8
» SDK v 1.3.1-6
» SDK v 1.3.1-5

» SDK v 1.3.1-3
» RTE v 1.3.1-6
» RTE v 1.3.1-5
» RTE v 1.3.1-3


1.2.2 Fast VM v 1.2.2-1
» (for SDK) (for RTE)
» SDK v 1.2.2-3
» RTE v 1.2.2-3

Fast VM v 1.2.2-4
» (for SDK) (for RTE)
» Plug-in v 1.2.2-12
» SDK v 1.2.2-12
» RTE v 1.2.2-12

1.1.8 » SDK v 1.1.8-5
» RTE v 1.1.8-5

Fast VM v 1.1.8-2
» (for SDK) (for RTE)
» SDK v 1.1.8-14
» RTE v 1.1.8-14


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