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Announcement (February, 2011)

JDK - FPUpdater is now available


Java on Alpha

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Announcement (February, 2011)

The FPUpdater tool is provided to allow a mechanism for updating the installed Java versions to address the system hang issue that occurs while parsing the strings to a floating-point number. See http://blogs.oracle.com/security/2011/02/security_alert_for_cve-2010-44.html for more information.

The FPUpdater tool will update all HP Java Tru64 or OpenVMS JDK/JRE releases as described in the following table:

JRE/JDK Release Comments
J2SE 1.42 All the releases prior to and including 1.42-9 on both Tru64 and Alpha VMS, 1.42-6 I64 VMS
J2SE 5.0 All the releases prior to and including 1.50-7 Alpha VMS and 1.50-6 I64
Java SE 6 All the releases prior to and including 6.0-2

For additional information, see the README document.


FPUpdater for Java 5.0-x, Java 6.0-x, and Java 1.4-x releases:

OpenVMS Itanium:
 » FPUpdater
OpenVMS Alpha:
 » FPUpdater

Tru64 UNIX® :
 » FPUpdater

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