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Announcement (February, 2010)

JDK - tzupdater V1.3.26 is now available


Java on Alpha

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Announcement (February, 2010)

The tzupdater tools are provided to allow a mechanism for updating currently installed Java versions with the most recent timezone information. These updates attempt to accommodate the latest worldwide changes to the Olson database without requiring a full Java release. See http://java.sun.com/javase/timezones/tzdata_versions.html for more information.

Our latest release, tzupdater 1.3.26, is based on JavaSoft's 1.3.26 source base, which delivers the Olson tzdata2010b timezone information.

These tools will update all HP Java Tru64 or OpenVMS JDK/JRE for 1.4-x/5.0-x/6.0-x versions. For additional information, please refer to the README document.

HP recommends utilizing the latest HP Java JDK/JRE update release as the preferred vehicle for delivering both timezone data updates and other product improvements such as security fixes. However, if the end user or system administrator is unable to install the latest HP JDK/JRE update release, this tool provides a mechanism for updating timezone data while leaving other system configuration and dependencies unchanged.

Please recheck this webpage for the latest information.

The following Java software releases support the Olson tzdata version, as listed:

  • OpenVMS Itanium: JDK 5.0-5 (tzdata2009g), JDK 6.0 (tzdata2008i), and SDK v 1.4.2-6 (tzdata2008i)
  • OpenVMS Alpha: JDK 5.0-6 (tzdata2009g) and SDK v 1.4.2-9 (tzdata2008i)
  • Tru64 UNIX® : SDK v 1.4.2-9 (tzdata2008i)

If your JDK/JRE version is not listed above, use the -version option with the tzupdater tool to verify the Olson tzdata version that is currently in use on your system.

Note: Support for Java 1.3.1 has been officially retired; however, the tzupdater131 1.0.1 tool delivers Olson tzdata2007a, and supports all HP JDK/JRE for 1.3.1-x versions on supported platforms.


tzupdater 1.3.26 for Java 5.0-x, Java 6.0-x, and Java 1.4-x releases:

OpenVMS Itanium:
 » tzupdater 1.3.26
OpenVMS Alpha:
 » tzupdater 1.3.26

Tru64 UNIX® :
 » tzupdater 1.3.26

tzupdater131 1.0.1 for Java 1.3.1-x releases (Note: does not include timezone data changes later than tzdata2007a)
OpenVMS Itanium:
 » not applicable

OpenVMS Alpha:
 » tzupdater131 1.01

Tru64 UNIX® :
 » tzupdater131 1.01

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