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IMPORTANT: Java SE 6 EOS announcement:
Please note that June 30, 2017 is the end-of-support date for Java SE 6 on OpenVMS on Integrity. Customers are encouraged to plan for migration to newer versions.

Please note that Java 5.0 reaches end-of-support in Dec, 2015 on HPE OpenVMS platforms including OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity. The end-of-support life cycle for Java 5 is consistent with those of the Java community. No official engineering support would be available beyond Dec, 2015. Customers are encouraged to move to supported versions.

Welcome! HPE offers a full range of software products for the Java™ Platform. We provide solutions to develop or deploy Java applications with the best performance on HPE Alpha and Itanium systems, including our Fast VM which provides users of OpenVMS Alpha and Tru64™ UNIX® with one of the fastest Virtual Machines available today!

HPE Announces OpenVMS Version
8.4 for Integrity and Alpha servers
June, 2010

» HPE is pleased to announce the release of OpenVMS Version 8.4 for Integrity and Alpha servers! OpenVMS Version 8.4 includes all the capabilities of its predecessor, and introduces new features. For more information and a full list of new features and enhancements, visit HPE OpenVMS Systems. Also, see the HPE OpenVMS Systems Solutions and Applications page 8.4 for Integrity and Alpha servers June, 2010



JDK 8.0-144 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (September 2018) New!


JDK and JRE 6.0-7 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (September 2017)


JDK 8.0 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (March 2017)


JDK and JRE 5.0-9 for OpenVMS Alpha servers (April 2016)


JDK and JRE 6.0-6 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (October 2014)


JDK and JRE 6.0-5 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (November 2013)


JDK and JRE 6.0-4 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (January 2013)


JDK and JRE 5.0-8 for OpenVMS Alpha and 5.0-7 for OpenVMS Integrity servers (January, 2012)


Java 1.4.2 end-of-support
(December, 2011)


JDK and JRE 6.0-3.p1 patch release for OpenVMS I64
(December, 2011)


JDK and JRE 6.0-3 release for OpenVMS I64
(Oct, 2011)


JDK and JRE 6.0-2.p1 patch release for OpenVMS I64
(May, 2011)


FPUpdater tool for OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS I64, and Tru64 UNIX
(Feb, 2011)


JDK and JRE 6.0-2 for OpenVMS I64 (Oct, 2010)


JDK and JRE 5.0-7 for OpenVMS Alpha and 5.0-6 for OpenVMS I64 (Sept, 2010)


DST (includes tzupdater support) (February, 2010)


SDK and RTE 1.4.2-9 for OpenVMS Alpha and Tru64 UNIX (Oct, 2009)


SDK and RTE 1.4.2-6 for OpenVMS I64 (Oct, 2009)

» VeriSign Certificate expired January 7, 2004

Available Downloads


OpenVMS Alpha

OpenVMS Integrity servers

Tru64™ UNIX®


» JDK 8.0-144



» JDK 6.0-7
» JRE 6.0-7



» JDK 5.0-9
» JRE 5.0-9

» JDK 5.0-7
» JRE 5.0-7


» SDK v 1.4.2-9
» RTE v 1.4.2-9

» SDK v 1.4.2-6
» RTE v 1.4.2-6

» SDK v 1.4.2-9
» RTE v 1.4.2-9
» Motif 2.1 Patch

  Advanced Compilation Technology

HPE leads the way with state-of-the-art, ultra fast compilation technology with our Fast VM product.



Customers can choose from a range of market-leading partners' products as well as leading open sourced products, such as Borland Together technologies, Java Studio Creator , and NetBeans an open sourced IDE.


Applications can be deployed across a host of Internet and EJB-based environments ranging from HPE's own Internet Express to our partners' application servers suites, including Oracle Application Server, BEA Systems' WebLogic, and Iona Technologies.

HPE's service organization is world renowned for supporting mission-critical installations 7x24 eBusiness Solutions, and this unique value-added benefit applied to Java applications and EJB-based environments differentiates HPE as the vendor of choice for serious Java deployment.
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