Composable Infrastructure Solutions

Software-defined solutions are built on a new intelligent approach that drives innovation and value creation for powering the new breed of cloud-based applications, while more efficiently running traditional workloads across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A new approach to architecture

A new approach to architecture

With a composable infrastructure, you can now allocate and de-provision compute, storage and network resources for traditional business applications such as system and network management, data file transfer, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and security systems.

What are the top 10 reasons to move to composable infrastructure?

Provision IT the way you want it, when you want it, through a platform that automates operations. That’s Composable Infrastructure. Learn the top ten reasons why leaders of IT at organisations of all sizes have been rapidly adopting an entirely new approach to managing and launching their digital environments and applications.

Build applications in an agile modern development environment

Build applications in an agile modern development environment

Easily allocate and de-provision compute, storage and network resources per developer during the design, development and integration phases of a project. This truly drives an agile and efficient IT infrastructure that is required to transform traditionally rigid physical systems into flexible physical or virtual resource pools. With HPE Synergy and HPE Oneview, you can develop and support general purpose to mission-critical workloads that can be configured almost instantly to rapidly provision for new demands and meet additional infrastructure requirements.

Explore real-world use cases for composable hybrid cloud

In this still highly relevant article, discover how VMware and HPE combine to address the end-to-end composable use case. Learn how the power of VMware Cloud Foundation, working in unison with HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, provides compute, storage and networking resources that are fully integrated, secure and elastic.

Transform IT operations to speed innovation

Transform IT operations to speed innovation

Now more than ever, enterprises need IT to deliver the absolute flexibility to deploy any workload with the agility of the cloud – all delivered as a service that scales with the business.

Scale into the future – simpler and faster for any workload

HPE has been bringing the flexibility of the cloud to organisations’ private and hybrid data centres for years. It was becoming clear that IT infrastructure needs would need to be fluid in an ever-changing world where markets are formed, disrupted and reformed in months or even weeks. And infrastructure would have to be agile like code. Read how a single programmable API serves as the conductor of the data centre, managing all IT through one application.

Drive a cloud experience through composability

Drive a cloud experience through composability

Modernise and accelerate IT operations with a foundation of composability built on intelligent infrastructure for any workload to deliver the speed, scale and efficiencies of a cloud experience for business.

What are the top benefits of using software-defined intelligence with HPE OneView?

In this ESG Analyst Report, discover the top benefits of using software-defined intelligence with HPE OneView to automate your infrastructure management across your data centre.

Align costs with use

Align costs with use

Eliminate costly silos and overprovisioning using a single intelligent infrastructure for physical, virtual and containerised workloads with fluid resource pools of compute, storage and fabric.

Read the IDC report

HPE Composable portfolio

Quickly deploy IT resources for any workload and gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code.

Composable partner ecosystem

Support your DevOps, automation and IT management initiatives with validated HPE OneView integrations from ISV partners.

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Composable Infrastructure resources

Want to explore more? Here are some additional resources for HPE OneView and HPE Synergy to go deeper on the evolving topic of infrastructure in the modern world of hybrid cloud IT management.