HPE Applications Services

Drive innovation while reducing costs by strategically modernising and managing your enterprise applications.

Maximise Application ROI Through Development, Implementation and Management

Enterprise applications are high-profile touch points for IT. Keeping applications updated and relevant requires careful planning and implementation. Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps you transform inflexible applications and dated legacy infrastructure into a modern environment where IT can create business value more quickly. Our strategic building, planning, consulting and management services help you customise and deploy applications for maximum ROI.


Modernise your applications and platforms with a proven strategic plan. Hewlett Packard Enterprise consulting experts leverage a robust suite of software and methodologies to pinpoint opportunities for your business to improve and grow.


Decades of experience designing and building leading platforms with our vendors makes us uniquely qualified to implement business-wide solutions. Get access to the right platforms, expertise and governance to accelerate the transformation and development of your applications environment, including cloud migration.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the deep knowledge to keep your applications healthy and your team innovating. We can help you manage applications in your own environment, run continuous integration and deliver and deploy full systems.

Services Tailored to Your Environment

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Keep Up with the Pace of Change
Video - 4:32

HPE Application Development Services help you manage the pace of change by enabling new technologies and flexible IT environments.

Case Study : Powering IT at Interconnector IT Ltd.

Case Study

Outsourcing applications management and IT hosting to Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a winning strategy for international pipeline operator.

White Paper : Accelerate Outcomes with HPE Offshore Resources

White Paper

Achieve effective time and cost outcomes while ensuring security and privacy. Use the right-blended delivery model that’s backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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HPE Applications Transformation Workshop
Video - 5:15

Clarify and identify the opportunities and benefits of exploiting the New Style of IT and build a high-level roadmap to success.

Case Study : Decommissioning a Legacy Mainframe

Case Study

Hewlett Packard Enterprise prepared P&G’s legacy system for its final goodbye through careful applications rationalisation, stakeholder communication and data archiving.

White Paper : Explore Strategic Business Transformation Requirements

White Paper

Seize new business opportunities by aligning business and IT strategies to meet rapidly evolving market demands.