The HPE Complete Zerto Software is the future-proof replication and recovery solution that makes disaster recovery simple and scalable using private, hosted, hybrid, and public clouds. This software solution delivers block-level replication without agents or snapshots to provide recovery points just seconds before an outage or data loss, with recovery times in minutes. Hypervisor-based replication is hardware-agnostic, supporting all storage arrays, so organizations can replicate from anything to anything, making it easier to introduce, deliver, and support all varieties of HPE Storage including HPE 3PAR and HPE StoreVirtual. Virtual Protection Groups enable the protection of a multiple virtual machine (VM) application, allowing for seamless point-in-time recovery for the entire application stack, maximizing application uptime and data consistency. Additionally, replicate across hypervisors and to the cloud, enabling a truly hybrid cloud future.


Replication for Disaster Recovery

The HPE Complete Zerto Virtual Replication Software automatically enables Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of seconds and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of just minutes.

Hypervisor based, block-level continuous replication delivers a scalable, enterprise-class solution. No snapshots, no guest agents, and no production storage or protected virtual machine overhead means no impact to production.

Test a failover or migration any time of the day without pausing or breaking replication. A failover test report is automatically generated allowing the business to confidently prove compliance.

This virtualization-aware solution provides a single pane of glass into the health and status of the environment. Prove RPO, see tasks and alerts, and also share this all using Zerto Mobile application.

Destination site journals maintain data changes for each protected VM. Each journal can be granularly configured for retention between 1 hour and 30 days, with size threshold alerts and protection.

Replication for Planned Migrations

The HPE Complete Zerto Virtual Replication Software enables migrations in minutes, in just a few clicks. Being agnostic removes worry about protection and recovery across disparate infrastructures.

Test data center migrations even during the week using the Failover Test feature. Validate the expected behavior of an application migration and remove surprises ahead of time.

Gracefully migrate the workloads when ready, and without data loss, using the built-in Move feature. Source workloads shutdown, finishing replicating, and boot at the destination.

Automated and orchestrated recovery means following pre-configured boot ordering and boot delays, virtual machine network configuration, and invoking scripts as needed.

On-Ramp to the Cloud

The HPE Complete Zerto Virtual Replication Software replicates to over 350 cloud service providers and to the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services public clouds. Workloads are converted on the fly from either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V platforms.

Configure replication to the cloud to test migrations ahead of time. Migrate when ready, and continue protection either with intra-cloud disaster recovery (DR), or DR back to on-premises.

The One-to-Many feature within Zerto Virtual Replication for HPE Complete enables a single VM to maintain replication to multiple sites, including locally. Test a cloud without breaking DR.

Compare clouds with the One-to-Many feature by running failover tests in each to validate costs, performance, services, and experiences with each.

Resilience for Evolving IT

The HPE Complete Zerto Virtual Replication Software delivers high quality test/dev environments to remove the risk of causing production downtime. Test code deployments, server upgrades and application updates, and new hardware platforms as well.

Recover files straight from the same point-in-time checkpoints from seconds before the loss, whether through deletion, corruption, or infections such as Ransomware!