VCX Application Platforms

The HPE VCX V7000 Unified Communications Series is engineered for businesses to efficiently scale and support the most varied, collaborative work environments. From a single campus to a network of distributed users and sites, the series has a highly flexible, resilient architecture that provides a wealth of dependable deployment options that can support the Microsoft® OCS/Lync and Exchange UM interoperability and productivity requirements of thousands of users in order to drive down costs and improve overall operating efficiencies. With local survivable call control and real-time mirrored voicemail, the VCX V7000 series continually communicates and replicates configuration changes to safeguard mission-critical business operations by providing multiple layers of redundancy. The series design is agnostic to the underlying network infrastructure, enabling cost-effective installation and seamless central administration for a rapid return on investment and lasting investment protection.


Enhanced high availability: backup VCX systems, whether co-located with the primary VCX or deployed in another office on the same network, provide geographic survivability and rapid failover for mission-critical communications

Standard RAID disk: helps ensure resiliency in the event of a component failure (applicable to V7205 Unified Communications Server—J9672A)

Standard redundant power supply: provides seamless business continuity and data protection (applicable to VCX V7205 Unified Communications Server—J9672A)

Optional RAID disk: helps ensure resiliency in the event of a component failure (applicable to V7005 Unified Communications Server—JC516A)

Media gateway support: streamlines migration to IP communications and provides PSTN connectivity with a full range of standalone VoIP gateways

Scheduled backups: System Administration Web interface provides the ability to schedule static and reoccurring full system backups

Analog phone support: leverages existing investment in analog phones while implementing a full set of PBX features

LDAP synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Lotus Domino, and Linux OpenLDAP: easily integrate, filter, and synchronize employee contact information, thereby simplifying administration and providing reliable connections based on the most current user information

Easy to use: GUI-driven central management and configuration

Replication status: System Administration Web interface displays the replication status of primary and secondary pairs