Storage solution for business-critical apps and databases

Your enterprise depends on your data for both day-to-day operations and long-term business planning. To support your business-critical storage needs, the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform offers two pre-configured infrastructure options delivered as a service. These Tier-1 configurations for primary workloads enable strict service level agreements (SLAs) for availability and performance. Based on HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays, these solutions combine a flash-efficient architecture to achieve fast, reliable access to data and 99.9999% measured availability. With Accelerated Migration from HPE Financial Services, you can unlock the hidden value in your existing IT assets while you fast track your data center transformation with minimal disruption to your current environment.

Rapid deployment, with scalability on-demand

Preconfigured options enable delivery in as little as 14 days to your on-premises or co-located data center, with scalability to add extra capacity ahead of business growth.

Managed for you

HPE delivers, installs, maintains, owns, and meters your storage infrastructure, and manages your capacity. You can also add full management services from HPE for a complete turnkey experience.

No overprovisioning risk

Your HPE GreenLake platform is designed to meet your current needs—with built-in buffer capacity to address any unexpected spikes in demand.

Real-time cost visibility

Get near-real time insight into your consumption and costs with the HPE GreenLake Central platform.

Business-critical storage configurations

Based on HPE Nimble All-Flash Arrays, these HPE GreenLake configurations are designed to achieve fast, reliable access to data and 99.9999% measured availability. These arrays combine a flash-efficient architecture with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. HPE InfoSight:

  • Predicts and prevents issues across the entire stack
  • Defends against storage and site failures for business continuity
  • Extends app-aware data production to the cloud
  • Protects SLAs with quality of service (QoS)

We offer two tiers of business-critical storage configurations, designed to suit different business requirements.

Compare HPE Greenlake storage configurations


Mission Critical

Business Critical

General Purpose

Data Protection

Who is this recommended for?


Businesses running mission critical, low latency, and high-availability workloads with high performance requirements, extreme latency sensitivity, and need resiliency for 100% availability

Businesses running business critical applications, medium-scale databases, mixed workloads, and/or virtual machine farms

Businesses running general-purpose applications, mixed workloads, disaster recovery, and backup data for development, testing, quality assurance, or analytics

For businesses that need rapid backup and recovery on premises.

Technology and capacity

HPE Primera all flash:


  • Cost Optimized: ranges from 62 TiB to 377 TiB raw storage
  • Balanced: ranges from 195 to 782 TiB raw storage
  • Performance: ranges from 391 TiB to 1530 TiB raw storage

HPE Nimble All Flash

  • Balanced: ranges from 30 TB to 123 TB usable storage
  • Performance: ranges from 123 TB to 372 TB usable storage

HPE Nimble Adaptive Flash


  • Cost Optimized: ranges from 30 TB to 122 TB usable storage
  • Balanced: ranges from 122 TB to 307 TB usable storage
  • Performance: ranges from 307 TB to 924 TB usable storage


HPE StoreOnce


  • Cost Optimized: ranges from 63 TB to 159 TB usable storage
  • Balanced: ranges from 128 TB to 771 TB usable storage
  • Performance: ranges from 385 TB to 1540 TB usable storage

How is usage measured?

Per GiB

Per GB

Per GB

Per GB

Additional services

HPE GreenLake Management Services

HPE GreenLake Management Services

HPE GreenLake Management Services

HPE GreenLake Management Services