Software Defined Storage

Create a shared pool of storage capacity free from dedicated hardware limitations.

Simplify virtualization and extend your data center throughout your network—whether you opt to centralize more of your workloads into your own hyper-converged on-premises storage, or you decide to adaptively tier data to cloud storage vendors via your preferred gateways.

Cost-optimize with Efficient and Open Solutions

Flexible Storage Gets You Back to Business

Hewlett Packard Enterprise software defined storage (SDS) enables you to create a pool of shared storage from industry-standard server capacity without the need for dedicated storage area network (SAN) infrastructure. Hyper-convergence is the trend of co-locating applications, SDS and virtualization software on the same physical device. SDS is critical for hyper-convergence, plus these top 10 things to consider when buying a hyper-converged infrastructure.

Our SDS , based on HPE StoreVirtual technology, runs within VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V or Linux KVM environments on the same server running your virtualized applications. SDS uses scale-out iSCSI SAN technology to provide capacity to any physical or virtual server on the network and includes advanced data services such as auto-tiering, storage federation and storage clustering. Enhance and simplify virtualized client or server projects as well, for ITaaS solutions.

Our unique portfolio of software and hardware products provide the flexibility and agility to start small and grow in any direction your business takes you. The HPE StoreVirtual software defined storage family is available as a software-only virtual storage appliance (VSA), a physical storage array, embedded in HPE Helion OpenStack or as a turnkey hyper-converged appliance.

Enable a Fully Software-defined Infrastructure

Partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise means working with the only vendor capable of delivering all elements of the software-defined data center—Compute, networking, storage and management. It’s part of our vision for composable infrastructure, built on fluid pools of flexible resources that you can quickly create, tear-down, or modify programmatically to fit any workload need.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise SDS solutions enable you to construct centrally managed, highly available data centers using scalable building blocks. As the number one provider of x86 servers and with over a million SDS licenses distributed worldwide, HPE is a long-time innovator for SDS platforms and related technologies. Whether you build your own or use our integrated systems, you can count on HPE solutions, services and worldwide support.


Less Cost Than Traditional Storage Arrays(1)

50 %

Menos espacio utilizado mediante eliminación de arrays físicos (2)


Savings in Energy Costs with a Converged Solution(3)

Free 1TB of Software Defined Storage

HPE StoreVirtual VSA

Power up your Intel® Xeon® processor and save 80% of your storage costs by converting underutilized resources into enterprise-class shared storage. Unlock 1TB of free storage on any new Intel-based server from any server vendor.

How Our Customers Achieve More with SDS

Peguform Handles Dynamic Storage Needs with HPE StoreVirtual

“The converged HPE infrastructure offers the necessary scalability and flexibility that we require in the dynamic automotive sector. This not only means that we can quickly increase our storage capacities when necessary, it also means that we can move this capacity between individual branches.”

– Jörg Birkle, Head of IT, Peguform

A Portfolio of Flexible SDS Building Blocks

Eliminate dedicated SAN infrastructure to reduce cost and complexity.

HPE StoreVirtual Storage

Fit any infrastructure or budget with a virtual storage appliance that transforms your server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a shared storage array.

HPE ConvergedSystem 250-HC StoreVirtual

Deploy a virtualized environment in less than 15 minutes with our hyper-converged appliance pre-configured with servers, storage, networking and VMware integration.

More Options to Enhance Your SDS Solutions

HPE StoreOnce VSA

Centralize backup efficiently without dedicated hardware with this open, hypervisor-agnostic, software-based backup and deduplication solution.

HPE Helion Cloud Solutions

Simplify cloud-native applications and workloads using combined IaaS and PaaS based on the trunk version of OpenStack technology, with HPE Store Virtual VSA built in.

Storage Services

Learn how to migrate to a modern architecture with simpler, more secure and more data-driven storage capabilities.


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