To help you simplify operations, reduce risk, eliminate complexity and accelerate cloud adoption, HPE GreenLake offers managed cloud services for public and private clouds. Consume, manage and control all of your cloud services from a single client platform, enabling your IT staff to focus on required business outcomes such as rapidly developing new applications and services to attract more customers and grow revenue.

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Nearly every enterprise is now in the process of moving to – or expanding their use of – cloud to speed the delivery of services, gain competitive advantage and reduce operational costs. But without a doubt, cloud implementation has become complex and difficult for businesses to handle with only their internal IT resources. Many organisations realise that without the right expertise and cloud-native automation, they may expose themselves to undo risk and cost.

It’s time for a simplified solution that helps you get the most from public cloud without high costs, a steep learning curve and risks. HPE GreenLake delivers a managed cloud service environment for your public and private clouds that automates cloud operations, with help to manage performance, cost, security and compliance.

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Simplify cloud operations

Focus more on solving business problems with technology and less on the heavy lifting involved in IT operations with our cloud managed services. Use our cloud-native, modern automation approach and have the same quality experience across your multi cloud environment.

Close the skills gaps

Gain advantage without having to find the right – and expensive – skills. Leverage HPE cloud managed service experts to help you quickly adopt the latest cloud technologies and move your business forward.

Pay per use

For on premises clouds, the underlying infrastructure is metered and we plan capacity with you. You only pay for what you use above a reserve, and you always have capacity ahead of demand.

Free up IT resources

HPE GreenLake is managed for you. Let our experts take care of core maintenance activities, allowing your IT team to switch their focus from routine tasks to supporting strategic business initiatives.


Bring the cloud experience to your apps and data wherever they are – at the edge, across your clouds and in your data centre with cloud managed services from HPE.

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HPE Managed Service for Azure

Using remote monitoring and management services with a highly automated approach from HPE, we manage your Microsoft Azure instance on your behalf, including provisioning, operating and billing. Benefit from advanced cost controls, automated compliance monitoring and enhanced security, governance of your cloud. Services for AWS are coming soon.

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HPE GreenLake with Azure Stack Hub

Benefit from a complete consumption-based Microsoft Azure Stack Hub service, design, implemented and operated for you by HPE.

HPE GreenLake with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and HPE Synergy

Accelerate time to value with an integrated platform that allows customers to compose and recompose resources dynamically to meet the needs of VCF workloads. Scale when needed to enable IT and developers to spin up new resources for faster app provisioning.

HPE GreenLake for Anthos

Combine the simplicity and agility of Google's container hosting and management platform with the security, agility, economics, performance and control of the HPE GreenLake on-premises consumption services and validated infrastructure.