Server Storage

HPE storage options enhance server performance and reliability for demanding application workloads.

See how HPE servers and Intel Optane SSDs can help

Get more from your servers with storage

HPE provides enterprise customers with a broad portfolio of workload optimized solutions including Hard Disk Drives, Solid-State Drives, and Smart Array Controllers that deliver high performance, outstanding reliability, and security.

Server storage performance
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Optimize data center storage with solutions tuned for peak performance on HPE ProLiant servers, the #1 selling server in the world 1.

Reliable, secure server storage
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Reliability and security

We test drives in drives in real-world conditions to maximize reliability. HPE Digitally Signed Firmware prevents unauthorized data access.

Efficient server storage
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Manage data center costs and IT spend to lower TCO with choices from the lowest price per GB to savings on power consumption with HPE Power Advisor.

Product highlights

HPE NVMe High Performance Low Latency Write Intensive SSD – Intel Optane SSD P4800X Series

HPE and Intel® Optane™ SSD P4800X Series, available in 375GB and 750GB capacities, helps to eliminate data center storage bottlenecks and allow bigger data sets. When configured with HPE servers, Intel Optane SSDs accelerate applications, reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads, and improve TCO. HPE NVMe High Performance Low Latency Write Intensive SSDs are optimized for second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Server storage portfolio

Choose the drives and controllers that best meet your needs.

Server drives

Hard disk drives

Leverage proven performance and reliable data integrity, at the lowest cost per gigabyte, in a wide range of capacities.

Solid-state drives

HPE SSDs deliver critical data center features including full data path error detection, surprise power loss protection, and SmartSSD Wear Gauge support.

Optical drives

HPE offers DVD ROM and DVD RW solutions in half-height, slim, and super slim to fit any HPE servers in your data center.

Flash media drives

Gain high data retention and boot-from-flash read write cycles for integrated hypervisors and first tier OS in SD and MicroSD form factors.

Storage accelerators

HPE PCIe Workload Accelerators

HPE PCIe Workload Accelerators are PCIe card-based, direct-attach solutions that boost I/O and reduce latency to scale in line with your processing requirements.

HPE Server Computational and Graphics Accelerators

Increase application performance to solve complex parallel problems and render high-fidelity 3D images in minutes, instead of hours. HPE provides a wide range of performance, price, and form factors to meet your computational and graphics requirements.

Disk array controllers and software

HPE Smart Array Gen10 Controllers

HPE Servers, configured with HPE Smart Array Gen10 controllers, maximize uptime and boost the performance of your server-attached storage environment. They deliver next-generation performance to help you achieve a higher return on your IT investment.

HPE Smart Storage Software

Provide enhanced management of your performance, security, set up, and configuration of your HPE ProLiant server with HPE Smart Storage Software. Components include Secure Encryption, Smart Storage Administrator and SmartCache.

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Get more from your servers with these new intelligently-optimized storage add-ons

HPE has the most extensive storage portfolio in the industry, optimized for HPE server platforms. The portfolio includes: Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drivess, Smart Array Controllers, and Smart Host Bus Adapters.

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Discover new storage options like NVMe SSDs that support business critical applications to help you break performance barriers and allow you to do more with less. Watch this video to learn about the benefits of high performance HPE NVMe SSDs.

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1. Internal lab testing performed January 2017 comparing HPE Gen9 to Gen10 Smart Array Controllers with 4 KB random read test.