Server Networking

An ecosystem of server networking components that move data quickly, reliably, and securely across your HPE data center

Seamless server networking at the speed of compute

Your server is the foundation of your data center, but it doesn’t work alone. When one link in your component chain slows down, so does the rest of your operation. Keep your network and data flowing with a seamless ecosystem of HPE servers, networking adapters, transceivers, cables, and switches.

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Faster performance

Your network is only as fast as your slowest link. Speed up data flow with HPE server networking components, engineered for low latency and maximum bandwidth.

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Embedded security

Rely on the built-in security of adapters that monitor your server for threats, establishing a key-based chain of trust between the firmware and adapter hardware.

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Efficiency by design

Maximize data center flexibility with adapters, transceivers, cables, and switches that are compatibility-tested to ensure consistent data flow and seamless interoperability.

Build an end-to-end server networking solution

Your component interconnects play a critical role in the speed, security, and reliability of your data access across all layers. Complete your data and storage fabric solution with HPE components.

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As network traffic managers, adapter cards are integral to faster server performance. Adapters are also gatekeepers, monitoring your servers for security threats right down to the root.


Transceivers are sometimes the overlooked link in data center infrastructure. But as the connection between the adapter and the cables, they’re essential to maintaining high-speed performance.


Cables can either bind components together for optimal performance or tie your server room in knots. Higher-bandwidth HPE cables can reduce cabling costs and clutter.

Network Switches

Network Switches
Make the right connections with secure, scalable HPE network switches for every environment, from campus and branch core to enterprise data center and cloud.

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Automation for Server Networking

Automation for Server Networking
HPE Smart Connect Manager helps server administrators automate rack server network connectivity using innovative zero-touch provisioning technologies.



دليل العائلة | application/pdf | 3889 KB

Learn about how the HPE Server Options portfolio spans several key technologies and is designed to improve server performance, reliability, and efficiency.

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HPE server networking blogs

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Optimized for Advanced Security, Virtualization and Storage Requirements


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Explore the HPE Flexible Network Adapters powered by Marvell, to provide network connectivity for HPE ProLiant, Apollo, and Synergy Servers in this technical white paper.


مصفوفة توافر المنتجات | application/pdf | 295 KB

Learn about available HPE server networking adapters, transceiver options, and cables for choosing the right network hardware in this compatibility and support matrix.