Living Progress: Sustainable Innovation

Putting sustainable technology in action for our company, our customers, and our world.

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Our company

We set bold targets for our company and lead the IT sector by continuously raising the bar.

Setting the industry standard for supply chain emissions

Our world-first supply chain emissions reduction program will enable our suppliers to set greenhouse gas targets in their own operations, seeking to avoid 100 million tons of emissions. These reductions equate to taking 21 million cars off the road for an entire year.

Committing to renewable energy

HPE is committed to reaching 100% renewable electricity, setting an interm target to source 50% of total electricity consumption in our operations from renewables by 2025. We help drive the corporate transition to renewable energy as a member of RE100, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, and Future of Internet Power intitiave.

Creating an inclusive workplace

From our employees to our suppliers, we are committed to increasing diversity and creating an inclusive environment in which all can thrive. This focus helps to drive new business, fuel innovation, and retain the best employees.

Our customers

We empower our customers to do exponentially more, with less environmental impact.

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How sustainability impacts customer purchasing behavior

Sustainability is now increasingly incorporated into the procurement decisions of major purchasers, including the U.S. military. HPE is driving sustainability in the way we design, build, and run product lifecycles.

Powering supercomputers with the sun

Hikari, an HPE Apollo 8000 system, is the world’s first solar powered high performance computing (HPC) supercomputer. Hikari helps enable TACC’s mission to enable ground-breaking research into disease and health threats such as the Zika virus.

Building a more efficient data center

ABB and HPE are innovating to design an intelligent, data-driven solution for enterprise customers to optimally balance datacenter workload and power resources. Optimized datacenter utilization is helping operators reduce total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

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Our world

We leverage the power of technology to solve the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges.

Leading a data-driven industrial transformation

Together, GE and HPE are combining expertise to take industrial productivity to the next level. By bringing together our IoT knowledge and Edgeline server technology, with GE’s industrial expertise, we can find new efficiencies in any industry.

Navigating sustainable outcomes with IoT

Mobile satellite service provider, Inmarsat, is helping a palm plantation in Malaysia to optimize its operations with sensors and data-driven intelligence. HPE's cloud-based Universal IoT Platform and sensors are used to track critical data to enable more efficient operations.

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Advancing medical research to save lives

HudsonAlpha's research is highly data-intensive. Managing over 1PB of data per month requires a robust and versatile platform. With HPE Synergy, HudsonAlpha optimized workloads and reduced re-provisioning time from days to hours.

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Finding transformative solutions

Industrial IoT

HPE provides leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies that unlock siloed and new IoT data right where it is created, reducing latency, increasing security, and delivering new value from operations.

Smart Cities

The HPE Universal IoT Platform helps transform cities to be more efficient, agile, and resilient to improve quality of life, drive economic growth, and create sustainable communities.

Life Sciences

We face major challenges such as sustainability of food and energy, improvement of health, and protection of our environment. Life sciences have a major role in all these areas and HPC-enabled bioinformatics is key to finding solutions.

Partner with us

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