HPC as a Service

What is HPC as a Service?

HPC as a Service is the facilitation of supercomputing technology and resources to organizations requiring high performance computing (HPC) to solve complex data calculations. It provides access to existing hardware and software necessary for high performance computing, and it is available on a pay-per-use model via the cloud.

How does HPC as a Service work?

HPC as a Service gives enterprises the ability to compute at a faster rate through better data analytics, simulations, and access to AI. Organizations can subscribe to HPC as a Service to access the necessary technology for solving their largest, most complex problems and workloads. Utilizing HPC as a Service empowers enterprise organizations to unlock the full value of their data and applications. With a pay-per-use structure, the risk of over-provisioning is eliminated, further protecting capital and resources. By accessing high performance computing technology through this model, organizations are better able to gain accurate data insights, empower better decision-making, and maintain the competitive edge needed to drive innovation successfully.

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What are the benefits of HPC as a Service?


By utilizing HPC as a Service, you no longer have to worry about owning and managing compute resources—you can shift your focus to accessing and utilizing them. By eliminating administrative functions, you can develop and deliver insights quickly. By operating through the cloud, your organization can live within a single ecosystem of partners, resellers, and providers, further simplifying what it takes to run your enterprise.


Your organization can go faster with true self-service agility through HPC as a Service. This includes self-provisioning storage and industry-leading AIOps for infrastructure. When your insights are coming in this quickly, your apps are always-on and always-fast, maintaining satisfaction for your customer base. This accelerates not only your innovation, but your immediate outcomes.


There is infinite scalability available through this model, as it provides resources when and how you need them. Your usage and billing are in sync, eliminating provisioning issues that might otherwise pose a problem with available capital. Your organization can access the resources it needs—no matter how your demand fluctuates.

What are the challenges of HPC as a Service?


As high performance computing has not been widely available to anyone other than government or medical giants until recently, there are a few complexities that your organization must learn to navigate.

Capacity and sustainability

The public cloud is what most organizations use to build their key data infrastructure, and it has yet to meet requirements for data sovereignty, security, compliance, data transfer, and latency with regard to HPC capabilities. In other words, the cloud is not a sustainable way to access this type of computing capacity due to its inability to host safely and effectively at the incredible speeds supercomputers operate at.


The amount of high-performance compute resources a given organization will need to successfully drive innovation can be difficult or impossible to predict, which naturally raises questions of cost. There is currently no accurate way to predict cost for HPC. Another contributing factor is the availability of HPC providers. The uptick in demand for HPC as a Service among enterprises is driving up costs among providers.

HPE and HPC as a Service

You can solve your biggest, most complex problems through systems optimized for high-performance workloads and AI through HPE GreenLake for HPC. HPE GreenLake for HPC is provided as a service, removing deployment challenges that once dominated the high-performance compute landscape. With the choice of small, medium, or large configurations, your organization can receive managed services through HPE immediately, and at the perfect scale for your needs. HPE GreenLake for HPC runs on-premises, so you can receive security and management benefits that onsite infrastructure provides. Even if your data lives at the edge, in a colocation, or in a data center, you maintain direct accessibility and ease of management as if it were on-premises.

Make decisions fast while reducing time to innovation with HPE GreenLake for HPC. By providing exascale capabilities, your organization can unlock the fullest potential that your data provides and accelerate innovation at the highest level—all available as a service through HPE’s cloud service.

Experience results like never before with HPE HPC Solutions, expertise, and global partner ecosystem. High-performance computing as a service allows you to scale up and scale out as needed, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Every workload is aligned to your specific economic requirements. With HPE Exascale Supercomputing, you receive the most comprehensive portfolio on the market, available as a service.