Operational Services

Get a flexible experience of comprehensive support options to operate and transform your IT infrastructure.

IT Experiences that Power Your Business

Today, IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support. Only Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides the complete support you need to compete and win.

HPE Datacentre Care Flexible Solutions

Our Most Comprehensive and Flexible Service

HPE Datacentre Care gives you flexible, relationship-based support and management for your heterogeneous data centre. Your single point of contact and dedicated account team helps you improve stability in your current IT environment and provides the expertise on particular technologies to guide you further to meet your goals.

Prevent Issues and Solve Problems Quickly

HPE Proactive Care is a simplified and cost-effective IT support option that combines high-level personal service with smart technology to proactively diagnose potential problems and remediate before your business is impacted. Remote automated consultation, recommendations and support helps maintain an agile, healthy and reliable infrastructure that increases your overall IT operational efficiency.

HPE Proactive Care IT Support Services
HPE Foundation Care Support Services

Simple, Affordable and Scalable Support

HPE Foundation Care provides five levels of IT infrastructure support service designed around different budgets and models. We support HPE servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software for the leading x86 operating systems. HPE experts help diagnose and resolve problems and provide software and firmware advice.

For Help When You Need It

HPE Lifecycle Event Services gives you access to HPE experts and our global network of partners for project-based, per-event expertise and support at any stage of your IT lifecycle. You have access to a wide range of support services that include deploying new technology, optimising IT performance, simplifying operations, addressing privacy risks and more.

HPE Lifecycle Event Services Offers Access to Experts and Partners

Improved Support Lifts Service Availability for Virgin Media

This multi-industry leader gets faster care and proactive long-term improvement by consolidating its support through HPE Support Services.

HPE Technology Services Create Customers for Life

HPE customers tell us how HPE delivers solutions for a New Style of Business.

IT Support Services Portfolio

HPE Data Centre Care

HPE Data Centre Care

Single-point-of-contact data centre support.

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HPE Proactive Care

HPE Proactive Care

Optimise uptime with personal, simplified proactive IT support.

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HPE Foundation Care

HPE Foundation Care

Five levels of service for HPE servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software.

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HPE Lifecycle Event Services

HPE Lifecycle Event Services

Project-based expertise and support for any stage of your IT lifecycle.

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Find and Select Support Services

Packaged Support Services

Find the best support services (formerly Care Packs) for a product family or service level. The SSC tool helps you find the recommended support for your hardware and software.

Online Service Agreements

HPE Services360 provides you a fast and easy way to renew and upgrade agreements, review coverage, and setup automatic renewals.
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Get Started with Support Services

Talk to an HPE IT Support Services expert or local HPE partner to learn how you can optimise your IT investment. Discuss how you can support your data centre management, maintenance, optimisation and upgrades.