HPE Reseller Option Kit (ROK) Licensing for Windows Server

Choose a total, all-in-one HPE ProLiant server solution

What is HPE ROK?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft bring together the world’s leading server hardware and software innovations, applications, resources, and support.
HPE sells Microsoft OEM licenses in a number of ways. To ensure our customers purchase the right HPE ProLiant server with the right Microsoft® Windows Server® editions, we developed the HPE OEM Microsoft Reseller Option Kit (ROK) that delivers, through our reseller partners, value pricing, flexible choices, one-stop ordering, and single source support to help you be more productive, achieve more with your investment, and keep your business running smoothly.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise resellers can preinstall the Windows Server operating system you choose to deliver a solution that is entirely customized to your needs and immediately ready to use.

How is HPE ROK different from other versions of Microsoft Windows Server?

HPE ROK is the very same Windows Server operating system you would get directly from Microsoft. However, through our OEM agreement with Microsoft, we are able to customize and optimize Windows Server specifically for ProLiant servers and it is BIOS-locked to ensure it can only be installed on ProLiant servers.
HPE ROK Base Licenses may only be purchased with a new HPE server. However, Windows Server Standard Additional Licenses, for more VMs, or Windows Server Client Access Licenses (CALs) can be purchased separately.
To learn more about Windows Server 2016 licensing, visit www.hpe.com/servers/ws2016.
Find direct links to the Windows Server 2016 data sheet, FAQ and more in the resources section at the bottom of this page.

Benefits of ProLiant servers and HPE ROK

Our customers need tools that accelerate the complexity of getting servers deployed quickly and inexpensively. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intelligent Provisioning (HPE IP) provides a server-provisioning tool that eliminates media and time-consuming effort as all required drivers and software tools are pre-loaded onto your ProLiant Server. No configuration CDs to use, no drivers to find, no guesswork. HPE IP recognizes if system software is out-of-date and automatically downloads the latest version’s update direct from the Internet, eliminating server configuration steps and deploying servers faster.

How do I order HPE ROK?

Contact your reseller partner for advice on the optimal HPE OEM Microsoft Reseller Option Kit (ROK) edition to fit your new HPE ProLiant server purchase and business needs.

What is included in HPE ROK?

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise-branded Microsoft Windows Server media
  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label that is placed on your server
  • Documentation
  • Free 90-day installation support directly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Client Access Licenses (CALs)

Client Access Licenses (CALs) can be purchased at any time, either included with your new server purchase or at a later date as a stand-alone option.

Replacing lost or damaged ROK media

Replacement media can be obtained directly from HPE. Go to https://ebiz3.mentormediacorp.com/HPEDGRCR/ for complete information.

Do I need Microsoft Software Assurance (SA)?

With Software Assurance (SA) you receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of your SA agreement to deploy at your own pace. New Version Rights simplify the procurement process and shorten the business process cycle, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with acquiring new version releases and immediately take advantage of the latest technology. More information on Microsoft Software Assurance may be found at the Microsoft licensing website at www.microsoft.com/sa.

How can I obtain upgrade rights to my HPE ROK license?

See “Do I need Microsoft Software Assurance (SA)?”