Are you looking for the storage efficiency of a deduplicating storage without the constraints of a purpose built appliance? If so, the HPE StoreOnce VSA meets your needs with the flexibility of a virtual appliance. You get all the features of purpose built StoreOnce Systems deployed as a software defined backup target. In addition the portability and availability features of vSphere and Hyper-V provide added flexibility and resiliency. Up to 500 TB of usable capacity can be configured in 1 TB increments. A StoreOnce VSA license server simplifies license management for large or dynamic VSA deployments. Intelligent Federated Management further simplifies the operations with multiple StoreOnce VSA instances managed through a single console. HPE StoreOnce VSA provides a flexible and a cost effective backup target for virtualized server environments, as part of a pure software defined data protection solution or in conjunction with StoreOnce purpose-built appliances for mixed environments.

What's new

  • A 10x increase in capacity compared to HPE StoreOnce VSA 3.x with up to 500 TB capacity maximum
  • A StoreOnce VSA License Server to manage licenses for dynamic and large StoreOnce VSA deployments
  • A more flexible capacity licensing scheme with licenses added in 1 TB increments compared to the fixed capacity licenses in StoreOnce VSA 3.x
  • Define how much capacity, performance and streams the backup target needs and allocate resources to deliver this
  • A 90 day evaluation period when all features and up to 500 TB capacity can be used, compared to 60 days with StoreOnce VSA 3.x
  • Includes Pointnext 24x7 Same Day Foundation Care Support, was 8x5 Next Business Day support for StoreOnce VSA 3.x


Software Defined Backup Storage of up to 500 TB with HPE StoreOnce VSA

This is a 10x increase on previous generation StoreOnce VSA enabling not just more capcity but more performance, more streams, more replication sources and more stores.

A StoreOnce VSA can be configured with just 4 TB of capacity and grow to 500 TB in increments of 1 TB with no price penalty for growing as more backup storage is required.

Other virtual appliances for deduplicating backup storage are available but none offer 500 TB capacity; in fact StoreOnce VSA can be 5x larger than the next largest virtual appliance.

Centralized HPE StoreOnce VSA License Management for Large and Dynamic Deployments

For dynamic or large StoreOnce VSA installations, license management can be time consuming; the StoreOnce VSA License Server saves time by centralizing license management. Capacity licenses are added to the license server to create a pool of capacity which is allocated as needed to connected VSAs.

The HPE StoreOnce VSA License Server allows licenses from decommissioned StoreOnce VSAs to be returned to the license server and recycled for use on new StoreOnce VSAs to simplify and reduce licensing costs.

Combined with StoreOnce Federated Management the StoreOnce VSA License Server allows single console management of large StoreOnce VSA deployments.

Flexible Performance and Capacity Configuration

Flexible capacity addition with new capacity added in 1 TB increments or any multiple of 1 TB. Licenses added directly to the VSA instance or from a HPE StoreOnce VSA License Server.

Software defined performance with resources allocated to scale throughput, capacity, streams and number of backup targets as required to meet backup windows and restore SLAs.

Use multiple VSAs to define different performance backup targets e.g. Large capacity, slower performance VSA or smaller capacity, high performance VSA to meet more demanding backup windows.

Choice of Hypervisor and Try Before Buy

Run HPE StoreOnce VSA on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V or both with a single console to manage VSAs on both hypervisors.

Evaluate all the HPE StoreOnce VSA features with trialware that enables up to 90 days usage. Purchase a license to continue usage with all configurations maintained.

Upgrade to get Cloud Bank Storage, HPE Support, encryption and up to 500 TB capacity.