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Digital Game Changers

From edge to hybrid cloud to AI, HPE customers are leading the way to what’s next.

Digital Game Changers in the spotlight

Purdue University Center for Global Soundscapes
The Sounds of science

Using AI to unravel the sounds of our ecosystems could be the next step in preserving them for future generations.

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Engineering at scale

As technology advances and data grows, Danfoss finds new opportunities for ideation and sustainability that transform.

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Insights that keep customers coming back

RaceTrac builds its business on data, convenience, and customer experiences by enabling analytics at the edge.

Chase Center
Connecting the game and fan experience

At Chase Center, the Golden State Warriors deliver more of what audiences want, driving engagement while eliminating friction.

Digital Game Changers in the news

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Research Research
University College London

Transforming brain diagnostics with generative AI

Sports and entertainment Sports and entertainment
Sports and entertainment
Blue Star Operations Services

Agility that breaks records, smashes boundaries

Research and higher education Research and higher education
Research and higher education
University of Zagreb

Driving sustainable plant cultivation with genetic analysis

Research and Education Research and Education
Research and Education
McMaster University

Revolutionizing antibiotic discovery with generative AI

Research and manufacturing Research and manufacturing
Research and manufacturing
The University of Queensland

Powering energy revolution with solid-state batteries

Financial services Financial services
Financial services
Janata Sahakari Bank

Cooperative bank set for a flexible, digital future

Manufacturing/Automotive Manufacturing/Automotive
Sauber Group

F1 team streamlines critical processes and costs

Manufacturing Manufacturing
Aquarelle India

Shirt manufacturer achieves a perfect system fit

What Digital Game Changers are saying

“I’m using technology and sound to understand patterns that might suggest solutions to how we can preserve this diverse, beautiful planet for future generations.”

Dr. Bryan C. Pijanowski | Professor of Landscape and Soundscape Ecology, and Director | Center for Global Soundscapes, Purdue University

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“We are highly dependent on having the best work environment available for our engineers as they create our future. Partnering with HPE provides that very powerful back end for their tools, so they can make the impossible possible.”

Sune Baastrup | Chief Information Officer | Danfoss

“We’re leveraging data to tell us when there’s a problem at the store or when there’s about to be a problem. We can monitor at a much more granular level now.”

Jay Richardson | Director of Guest-Facing Technology | Racetrac

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“Wi-Fi 6E has elevated the fan experience for a venue like Chase Center. To provide a high level of bandwidth and low latency data in a very condensed area, that is a total game changer.”

Daniel Brusilovsky

Digital Game Changers at events

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