HPE Accelerated Migration Services

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology systems needed for business transformation.

Fund transformation from existing infrastructure

In the era of digital disruption, access to and adoption of emerging IT technologies enables you to reimagine your business in new and exciting ways. Delays in transforming your IT infrastructure may hold you back from innovating quickly to address new customer needs or improve operations. Are you locked in to existing IT equipment by financial requirements to hold it for long depreciation periods? Is this limiting your ability to upgrade to efficiently meet new requests?

It’s not unusual for Finance organizations and accounting rules to require that IT equipment be held for 5 to 7 years, sometimes more. Traditional IT funding models forcing you to “sweat your IT infrastructure” is an approach that is often not aligned to your needs for new and improved system performance, cost efficiency, and security capabilities. Delays to your IT plans mean delays to your transformation and the resulting business benefits.

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology systems needed for business transformation.

  • Strained budgets add pressure

    Coupled with speed of delivery and speed to market demands, we all face the challenge of trying to squeeze more out of already stretched IT budgets. Funding the average transformation initiative can require double the annual IT budget. So how can you modernize your IT infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation if too much is committed to other priorities? You need to break free of the financial deadlock created by old IT so you can move your business forward, and since budgets aren’t budging, it’s time to think differently about how you fund innovation.

    HPE Accelerated Migration Services can help you fast track your data center transformation with minimal disruption to your current environment. Unlock the hidden value in your existing IT assets as you transition to new IT solutions. Shift existing, owned IT assets to a flexible usage payment model during the transition and free up cash for new IT investment. With the majority of your IT budget consumed to keep the business running, funding for transformation is often insufficient. Finding incremental resources today can help you close the gap. HPE Accelerated Migration Services helps you access the value in your legacy equipment and move forward sooner.

  • A case for HPE Accelerated Migration Services

    A leading financial services institution determined that their current IT infrastructure, although working fine, was holding them back. Despite their strategic vision, the costs of transformation continued to draw their focus from where they needed to go to current demands. They initiated a high profile data center transformation project with aggressive deadlines and goals, but struggled to identify sufficient budget. A key enabler of their transformation was their current infrastructure. After assessing the value of their existing infrastructure, they leveraged HPE Accelerated Migration Services to generate over $1.1B in investment capacity to help jump start their data center transformation.

  • Benefits

    • Free up cash for new IT investment
    • No interruption to business operations during transition
    • Helps accelerate new IT solution deployment
    • Support to remove legacy equipment after transition
  • How it works

    1. 1Contact your HPE Financial Services specialist to assess your IT needs
    2. 2Determine the length of time needed to keep legacy equipment in place during the transition
    3. 3Convert IT equipment from ownership to a flexible consumption model and receive a cash infusion
    4. 4Return legacy IT equipment at end of transition term