HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Retire IT assets in a sustainable and secure manner, and extract value to help fund your innovation

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology needed for digital transformation.

As technology needs evolve and change, proactively planning for the removal of aging assets — in a secure and sustainable manner — is critical. Even the most experienced organizations are challenged by increasing security and environmental concerns, a growing number of business processes, and an extensive list of regulations associated with technology systems removal. In addition, companies now often have an environment sustainability program specifically for their IT organization. Major elements of these strategies can include responsible retiring, removal and disposal of IT equipment, and refurbishing IT to prevent the need for disposal.

HPE Financial Services understands these goals and offers services designed to help companies achieve financial vitality and properly manage legacy assets.

More than just IT equipment removal, HPE Asset Upcycling Services include data cleansing and environmentally responsible removal, upcycling or recycling. With global capabilities, HPEFS delivers these services consistently around the world.

HPEFS are experts in managing the retirement of:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking equipment
  • PCs and laptops
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Mobile devices
  • Other forms of technology

HPEFS handles equipment from HPE, HP and all other 3rd party manufacturers of data center and workplace assets.

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology needed for digital transformation.

  • Partner with an expert

    Our experts work with you, helping to manage the complex process of retiring your technology. Our goal is to minimize the effort required by you to refresh your technology and allow you to focus on what matters — innovation and driving your business forward. We offer solutions that help you manage your technology on a continuous basis, across multiple locations around the world. As you refresh your equipment, we can help manage the end of use upcycling throughout the process. We can also do a one—time takeout of unused assets, typically for smaller, less complex IT organizations.

    When you put your unneeded assets through our asset upcycling services, our lifecycle experts will refurbish and remarket the equipment for a second useful life.

    With revenue sharing capabilities, this circular economy approach benefits both the environment and your bottom line, and can enable you to extract value from unneeded IT to supplement your budget for innovative projects.

  • HPE Asset Upcycling Services

    HPE Asset Upcycling Services deliver a flexible, consistent process for retiring IT equipment. We can help you build a customized plan for your business’ unique needs and navigate through the applicable data security and environmental laws.

    HPE Financial Services is committed to maintaining your brand’s credibility and security with solutions focused on your needs:

    • Automated Pickup Request — Customer portal for visibility and management; deinstallation and pack & ship services available.
    • Secure End-to-End Logistics — Global scale and consistency; Customized levels of security and logistics.
    • Serialized Asset Tracking and Testing— Asset—level certification of data cleansing; Automated asset reporting with settlement.
    • Data Cleansing — Data wiping and media destruction.
    • Reuse before Recycling — 4.2M assets processed through HPE Technology Renewal Centers and our trusted partners.
    • Automated Reporting and Settlement— True market value provided for assets; Asset value can be realized based on customer needs.
  • HPE Circular Economy Report

    The HPE Circular Economy Report helps you measure the impact of your IT lifecycle management choices and provides metrics that help you fulfill non—financial Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) reporting requirements. Get the facts on material, energy, carbon and landfill savings achieved by putting your owned or leased IT assets through renewal. Talk to your lifecycle expert to learn more.

  • Secure data cleansing

    Data security is a critical part of every asset retirement process, and HPE can provide the service to ensure that all information is either overwritten or the media destroyed. Based on customer requirements, that is done in one of three ways, either at your site or at our Technology Renewal Centers:

    • Cleared using industry—standard data eradication methods
    • Destroyed using high—power magnetic degaussing (hard disks)
    • Destroyed using physical shredding of recording media (hard disks and SSD’s)

    Let HPEFS help streamline your IT asset retirement process. As your partner, we help minimize the effort required to refresh IT infrastructure when your business demands innovation, putting you in control of a sustainable and responsible IT asset lifecycle strategy that you can be proud of.