Silicon Root of Trust

What is Silicon Root of Trust?

Silicon Root of Trust is firmware technology that integrates security directly into the hardware level of HPE servers, making an immutable fingerprint in the silicon that provides advanced levels of protection against firmware attacks. It detects changes being introduced by cyber attackers and disables the server, so malicious code never penetrates and allows operation to quickly regain its original state.

HPE and Silicon Root of Trust

Protect your enterprise with the latest in firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery—right down to the silicon. HPE protects you across attack vectors with advanced security against relentless threats. With a zero-trust security approach, all HPE infrastructure and as-a-service experiences use the most secure industry-standard servers with Silicon Root of Trust built in, along with comprehensive firmware protection embedded in every phase of the IT lifecycle, from the supply chain to automated firmware security to end of life.

HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust makes it impossible to tamper with our servers during manufacturing. With verification embedded in the silicon chip, HPE ProLiant servers will always boot in a pristine and immutable state. This level of protection is recognized by the cyber‑insurance industry, carrying their Cyber Catalyst designation, which can allow better terms and conditions on customers’ cyber‑insurance policies.

HPE GreenLake for Security offers edge-to-cloud enterprise security so you can protect platform, software, and data across a hybrid environment. We use trusted processes, tools, and expertise to identify and remediate threats across on‑premises and public cloud environments. With a holistic approach across security, compliance, platform auto‑remediation, software license asset management, and backup and recovery, HPE GreenLake Services help customers reduce financial and reputation risk and improve compliance posture and reduce audit time and accuracy.