HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service

HPE Contractual Support Services

Service overview

Given the critical role that storage plays in meeting changing SLAs (Service Level Agreement) up the enterprise data center stack, it is no surprise that precious IT resources can often be consumed with management and support practices across the entire storage lifecycle. It includes planning and sizing, upgrades, monitoring, reporting, data protection, and support case management, along with many other tasks that can take time and effort away from business-building IT projects.

For enterprise organizations or any organization with a sizeable deployment of HPE Storage, the assigned HPE PSM (Proactive Support Manager) can be enlisted to provide management and support services tailored to fit the exact needs of the organization. This helps free up valuable IT resources to focus on proactive projects.

The world-class PSM team from HPE Services Storage Support consists of some of the most experienced and reliable storage experts in the industry, and each HPE PSM leverages our acclaimed cloud-connected support and management portal. Hewlett Packard Enterprise utilizes predictive analytics to deliver deep storage health insights and expert guidance on how best to scale storage resources. As a result, the HPE PSM delivers a class of Customer support that challenges established support expectations in enterprise storage.

HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service focuses on a comprehensive approach to storage management and support and is the Customer’s pivotal point of contact across a wide spectrum of practices.

  • Service applicability

    The following product lines are covered by this addendum:

    • HPE Nimble Storage
    • HPE Alletra 5000
    • HPE Alletra 6000
    • HPE GreenLake for Block Storage — Business Critical
    • HPE GreenLake for Block Storage — General Purpose
    • HPE GreenLake for Block Storage MP
    • HPE GreenLake for File Storage MP
    • HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition
  • Service benefits

    • Frees up valuable IT resources by providing comprehensive proactive account management for storage infrastructure.
    • Optimizes IT investment by aligning storage SLAs with storage management practices tailored to business needs.
    • Is designed to help ensure peak storage health and speed the time to resolution for reactive covered support issues.
    • Provides proactive issue identification and advice on mitigation of risks.
    • Gives access to HPE specialists that can augment a Customer’s capabilities, with the overall goal to help reduce risk, increase productivity, and address peak workloads and emerging projects.
    • Provides consistent and reliable remote support with active end-to-end case management and reporting to help avoid the unnecessary escalation of routine issues.
  • Service features

    Table 1. Proactive support and services


Delivery specifications

Comprehensive proactive support

The HPE PSM aligns support activities with storage best practices that aim to resolve issues before they can affect operations. HPE PSM is designed to assist IT teams with proactive recommendations using internal tools and knowledge.

Asset management and reporting

The HPE PSM works closely with technical support analysts and other functional experts to help drive rapid service request resolution. It also provides comprehensive communication and reporting for products under their storage support coverage, as more specifically detailed in Table 2, including:

  • Service operational reviews to provide the status of open cases.
  • Root cause analysis for P1 cases when requested.
  • Service reviews to highlight potential performance enhancement opportunities.
  • Quarterly support reviews and HPE standard performance reports.
  • Risk assessments with proactive recommendations intended to improve their HPE Storage infrastructure.
  • Assist with other support matters, such as timely processing of maintenance renewals.

Table 2. Service features — tier level






Reactive support

P1 (24x7)

24x7 oversight/communication of critical issues

Alert notifications to the assigned HPE PSM

24x7x365 ongoing support; response time objective — 30 minutes

Coverage is provided by primary HPE PSM 24x7 or backup

P2–P4 (business hours)

Oversight of P2–P4 cases

Driven by regular case reviews and by Customer request, HPE PSM may escalate based on Customer business context

As needed

Standard support center escalation processes and HPE best practices, HPE PSM support for P2–P4 escalations during normal HPE business hours only

Process event analytics

Review of support cases and root cause analysis including action plans designed to help minimize events; training on the overall support process

Customer and account team discussion of expectations, which is formatted for delivery with event analysis, collaboration with the support center, and content delivered by HPE PSM and account team

Upon request from the Customer or account team only for high-visibility P1 cases

Five business days from event closure and upon request by Customer; limited to high-visibility P1 cases only


Support processes

Customize and educate on support submission and follow-up processes to help maximize the support experience

Remote via web conferencing during regular Customer meetings includes the provision of support quick reference guide

Mandatory at the start of the service for new

See the Frequency listed under Account Management in Table 2

HPE cloud support management portal tools

Education on HPE cloud support management portal tools for enhanced support experience

Web conferencing with email follow-up including HPE cloud support management links

Mandatory at the start of the service for new accounts; minimum annually, maximum quarterly

One-hour initial presentation for new accounts, scope of ongoing updates as needed

Product tech talks

Educate Customers on how HPE technologies can enhance and influence future purchasing decisions

Propose educational opportunities; review opportunities and discuss delivery options; delivery by HPE PSM or SME (Subject Matter Expert)

On Customer’s request

Based on advanced notice and availability of HPE Storage SMEs (Subject Matter Expert); delivery method is determined by HPE, which can be in the form of a web conferencing to multiple Customers based on topic and demand. HPE PSM to facilitate discussion leveraging resources

Account management

Service review

Review operational aspects of the Customer’s HPE Storage systems; review support cases, trend analysis, and potential risks

Review and track actionable items in HPE PSM standard reports with Customers and account team

Quarterly scheduled or at Customer’s request

Based on the information provided by the Customer, HPE PSM maintains HPE Storage asset installation location accuracy and any special handling associated with each asset

Data management assistance

Support effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the information provided by the Customer (for example, system and site contacts, site address, delivery hours, and more). HPE and the Customer work collaboratively to achieve and maintain the accuracy of this information

Educate on the uses of HPE cloud support management

Ongoing—installed base information is included in the standard report; information reviewed in the regular service review meetings

HPE PSM works with Customer to review and help ensure accuracy of contract and HPE cloud support management information regarding Customer’s support environment

Lifecycle management

Alerts the Customer and account team regarding end-of-support / Life

(EOS/EOL) and technical refresh opportunities

List of EOS/EOL products for the Customer delivered via regularly scheduled meetings

As lifecycle dates are established

HPE PSM is responsible for reporting lifecycle-related matters on hardware and support contracts; information is relayed to the account team


Product guidance

HPE PSM listens to the Customer’s business needs and advises on managing their HPE Storage product with business goals in mind

As needed

As needed

Advice/direction provided

  • Coverage

    • Response times and coverage as stated in Table 2. Any response times stated herein are objectives only.
    • All service features mentioned in Table 2 are provided only on HPE Storage products under active support coverage with HPE that meet the service eligibility requirements.
  • Service eligibility

    Customers are eligible for the delivery of this service if they meet the following prerequisites:

    • Customer must have an active support agreement with HPE at a minimum of Basic parts exchange to be eligible for HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service.
    • Must have heartbeats and auto-alerts enabled via HPE cloud support management.
  • Service limitations

    • Services provided within the scope of one HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service support contract are restricted to the IT environment under the direct day-to-day management of one IT organization, in one country.
    • HPE PSM provides the required nonreactive deliverables during HPE standard business hours on standard business days remotely or on‑site, at the discretion of HPE.
    • This service is available in English and Japanese languages only.
    • This service is not available in mainland China.
    • This service is delivered remotely and does not include any on-site reactive services required for support eligibility.
    • This service includes no architectural planning and no professional services.
    • Any HPE recommendations provided hereunder are intended to help the Customer address the subject matter of the assessment. Any implementation of HPE recommendations by the Customer is outside the scope of these services.
    • Activities excluded from this service include but are not limited to the following:
      • Services required due to failure of the Customer to incorporate any system fix, repair, patch, or modification provided to the Customer by HPE
      • Services required due to failure of the Customer to take avoidance action previously advised by HPE
      • Services that, in the opinion of HPE, are required due to unauthorized attempts by third-party personnel to install, repair, maintain, or modify hardware, firmware, or software
      • Operational testing of applications or additional tests requested or required by the Customer
      • Backup and recovery of the operating system, other software, and data
  • Customer responsibilities

    The Customer will:

    • Identify a focal point and an internal Customer team to work collaboratively with their HPE PSM in the development, implementation, and ongoing reviews for the account
    • Discuss with the IT storage administrator, database administrator, and other selected staff about business/operational objectives and specific requirements, if any. This service requires the installation of remote connectivity tools, proprietary service tools, and equipment. Customers must provide and allow HPE remote access to receive HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service deliverables.
    • Upon HPE’s request, the Customer will be required to support HPE’s remote problem resolution efforts.
      • For HPE Tier 1 Proactive Support Manager Service, HPE cloud support management must be enabled, and heartbeats and email alerts must be configured with a secure connection to HPE to enable the delivery of service and options.
      • When an HPE remote support solution is installed, the Customer must also maintain the contact details configured in the remote support solution that HPE will use in responding to a device failure. Contact a local HPE representative for further details on requirements, specifications, and exclusions. For scheduled calls, the Customer shall promptly make the equipment available for remedial activities at the agreed-upon time.
  • General provisions / other exclusions

    The Customer acknowledges and agrees that HPE may use resources outside the country of purchase for delivery of these services unless otherwise specified as part of a service feature description.

    Incident severity/priority levels are defined as:

    • P1: Not serving data or severe performance degradation
    • P2: Performance degradation, intermittent software faults, network degradation, or single controller not operational
    • P3: Issue or defect causing minimal business impact
    • P4: Request for information; administrative requests
  • Ordering information

    To find out whether a specific location is eligible for this service and to order this service, contact a local HPE sales representative or authorized partner and reference the following service product number: HT6Z6A1/3/4/5/AC: HPE Tier 1 PSM Tier A Service.

    Please note that while service durations are typically offered for 1, 3, 4 or 5 years, they may vary by product line.

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