Moor Insights & Strategies on Hybrid IT
Moor Insights & Strategies on Hybrid IT
Take advantage of digital transformation opportunities. Moore Insights examines Hybrid IT and the need for a partner who can help you get the right mix of technologies and services to meet your requirements and operate seamlessly.
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Accelerate transformation with data centre infrastructure

Hybrid cloud helps you accelerate digital transformation and harness the power of your applications and data. Data centre infrastructure solutions, comprising servers, storage, networking, management and services that enable your data centre’s security, agility and economic efficiency to support any workload. With software-defined infrastructure solutions from HPE, you get the best of both worlds – without compromise.

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A new-generation data centre infrastructure from HPE

Gain cloud-like agility, security and economic control of your data centre with HPE software-defined data centre infrastructure solutions.

Agility with HPE data centre infrastructure

Enable agile application development and IT operations with software-defined infrastructure and workload-optimisation solutions.

Security with HPE data centre infrastructure

Protect your business and data, powered by the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. 1

Consumption-based HPE data centre infrastructure

Deploy pay-per-use IT for your data centre infrastructure that’s flexible, fair and fully transparent, with metered usage.

Featured data centre infrastructure products

Discover secure, agile infrastructure solutions that span servers, storage, networking, infrastructure management and services.

Success in action

Cloud or on-premises? “Yes,” says Dropbox

Dropbox opted for on-premises IT in the United States and IaaS in Europe. If you're weighing on-premises vs. cloud, learn how each might be right, depending on the workload.


Dropbox needed to transform its entire cloud-based IT infrastructure on the fly  to accommodate rapid growth.


Dropbox replaced its public cloud with a high-performance, on-premises private cloud.

“It’s like trying to swap out the engines in a jet midflight without any of your passengers knowing. It’s a huge technical challenge.”

Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox


Dropbox is now well positioned to provide outstanding service to enterprise clients, and take its business to the next level.