The Edge Orchestration Market Opportunity in Telecommunications White Paper

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This white paper details how to capitalise on an edge services opportunity. Telcos need to bring applications from the cloud out to the edge where the data exists and combine them with innovative network services, creating an end‐to‐end flow across the edge. The key to making telcos' edge computing deployments successful for both the operator and their enterprise customers lies in ensuring that applications running at the edge are easy to deploy and manage across many sites. HPE Edge Orchestrator enables this, helping telcos to deliver new, targeted vertical solutions and enterprise applications – all centrally manageable across thousands of distributed locations through simple self‐service tools.

HPE is the global edge‐to‐cloud platform‐as‐a‐service company that helps organisations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all their data, everywhere. HPE delivers unique, open and intelligent technology solutions with a consistent experience across all clouds and edges to help customers develop new business models, engage in new ways and increase operational performance.

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