Across industries, HPE GreenLake is helping customers complete digital transformations.


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Zenseact builds a safer future on AI and real-time insights using HPE GreenLake

Zenseact is at the center of the crossroads of driver safety and autonomous driving. This Volvo Cars-owned startup built a consumption-based platform to deliver tens of thousands of simulations per second and make cars safer.

  • Challenge: A critical need for an innovative technology partner, enabling delivery of thousands of self-driving simulations each second
  • Solution: Partner with HPE GreenLake to ensure technology is always available, consumed as a service and paid for over time, ensuring Zenseact is fully equipped for today and into the future
  • Outcome: A high performance platform to deliver what the business needs now, and ensure what is possible in this space as a result of the partnership going forward
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Insights on why CSPs are adopting HPE GreenLake, platform as a Service

Join a fireside chat with Keith White, SVP and GM at HPE GreenLake cloud services, and Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO Global CSP Sales at Nokia, as they discuss why as a service is important to CSPs and why Nokia has adopted an as a service strategy.

Experience how HPE and Nokia are delivering value to our joint customers.


HPE GreenLake powers ATM network of electronic payment and services (EPS)

EPS worked with HPE to put in place a highly scalable, available and secure deployment and achieve its business objective of delivering real-time ATM transactions to end users of banks and payment solutions to financial institutions.

  • Challenge: EPS needed high uptime to facilitate real-time ATM transactions for banks, along with a high level of security and compliance.
  • Solution: Working with HPE Pointnext, EPS put in place a highly available, robust data center and hosting solution.
  • Outcome: EPS offers managed ATM and outsourcing services to public sector banks and financial institutions on a pay-per-use basis.
Mizuho Bank modernizes Mizuho Cloud IA to adapt to unpredictable changes

After completing the renewal of its accounting system, Mizuho Bank refreshed the infrastructure of its private cloud platform, Mizuho Cloud IA.

  • Challenge: Provide stable services that support banking operations and information systems on an IaaS platform that can respond quickly to unforeseen changes
  • Solution: Adopt HPE Synergy, a composable infrastructure product that allows code control and automation using REST API, via HPE GreenLake, which allows the bank to deploy additional hardware and software on a monthly IT consumption model
  • Outcome: Improved the system’s ability to users’ varied demands, achieved adaptability, enabled predictive maintenance
au Kabucom Securities develops next-generation system to support digital transformation

With HPE GreenLake, au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd., a Japanese online securities company is realizing their vision of becoming a digital financial securities firm. To do this, the company completely revamped their infrastructure.

  • Challenge: Refresh and relocate a data center consisting of about 1,000 physical servers used for securities training, while realizing the highest degree of security, keeping costs low, and making infrastructure secure and agile
  • Solution: Optimize performance and costs by consuming next-generation infrastructure system in a monthly or pay-as-you-go model with HPE GreenLake
  • Outcome: Reduced the number of servers from over 1,000 to under a few hundred with the expectation of reducing the total cost of infrastructure by 11% in five years
HPE GreenLake helps Wibmo adopt an agile, scalable infrastructure model

In business for over two decades, Wibmo provides authentication services to over 70 banks and processes between 60–70% of India’s e-commerce transactions. It prides itself on playing a major role in the digital infrastructure of the country.

  • Challenge: Overhaul infrastructure to gain better deployment time, use less space, and lower power consumption
  • Solution: HPE and Archon built a private cloud in Wibmo’s datacenter, virtualizing over 80% of infrastructure and reducing procurement lag, while also decreasing infrastructure footprint by 65% and capital expenditure by 55%
  • Outcome: Scalability, agility, and cloud-like experience


University Hospital of Bonn switches to all-flash data storage with HPE GreenLake

University Hospital of Bonn ranks among Germany’s premier providers of patient care and is known for its excellence in medical research, to meet the growing needs of its medical departments.

  • Challenge: To meet the growing needs of its medical departments, its research institutes, and its business operations, the University Hospital of Bonn was looking for faster and highly scalable data storage systems.
  • Solution: Using HPE GreenLake, the hospital was able to move to all-flash storage on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Outcome: The hospital now enjoys flexible and cost-efficient provisioning of high-performance data storage systems
Flevoziekenhuis builds a data platform of the future with HPE 3PAR and HPE GreenLake

Located in a fast-growing region of the Netherlands, Flevohospital has seen the population of its city more than double since it opened its doors in 1991—and that growth trajectory is expected to continue in the next decades

  • Challenge: To meet ever-increasing data scale, velocity, and complexity, Flevoziekenhuis needed to modernize its storage environment.
  • Solution: The hospital leveraged HPE GreenLake to make the move to an intelligent storage environment while avoiding capital investments.
  • Outcome: HPE GreenLake delivers both a 30% OPEX savings and a model for growth without up-front investment or negotiation.
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Specsavers: Flexibility to embrace hybrid cloud

Specsavers 3D eye-scanning technology generates vast amounts of customer and medical information. HPE GreenLake enables Specsavers to scale up or down the storage capacity without an upfront technology investment and improve the performance of their applications.

  • Challenge: Specsavers had an aging infrastructure and needed a new way to keep up with their customer and medical information.
  • Solution: Specsavers partnered with HPE GreenLake to gain the benefit of the hybrid cloud and use of the consumption model.
  • Outcome: Scale up and down storage capacity and improved application performance.
Tübingen University Hospital future-proofs its SAP environment

Tübingen University Hospital is a leading German center for university medicine. It comprises 17 hospitals, 13 healthcare institutes, 16 interdepartmental centers, and a range of medical centers.

  • Challenge: The entire IT infrastructure for Tübingen University Hospital’s SAP environment was outdated and increasingly reaching its performance limits.
  • Solution: The previous hardware has now been replaced with four HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA resulting in a significant boost in application performance.
  • Outcome: The new SAP-certified infrastructure reduces risk, eliminates downtime, and gives options for new applications.


Toyota Mapmaster accelerates highly precise, data-intensive map information

Toyota Mapmaster used HPE GreenLake to simplify infrastructure by integrating two systems with high-performance storage at the core and achieve cost leveling throughout the lifecycle by utilizing an IT consumption model when introducing equipment.

  • Challenge: Refresh infrastructure of both “Map Production Core System” and “Differential Map Production System,” while maximizing ROI
  • Solution: Simplified infrastructure by integrating two systems with high-performance storage at the core
  • Outcome: Realized streamlined accounting of IT assets while securing performance and capacity required over the next five years through HPE GreenLake
“The cooperation between Danfoss and HPE is really two strong technology companies, two strong engineering and manufacturing companies that come together to bring out the best in IT.”
-Sune Tornbo Baastrup, Senior Vice President and CIO, Danfoss

Danfoss builds climate-friendly data centers

Danfoss has partnered with HPE to design a forward-looking IT strategy, leveraging in-memory computing platforms to support both its business processes and its engineering teams. With world pressure mounting to solve issues like population growth, depletion of natural resources, and urbanization, Danfoss is now equipped to operate as a digitized enterprise.

  • Challenge: Align global operations and speed time-to-market with IT infrastructure that meets the highest standards for transparency, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency
  • Solution: For its ERP initiative, the company implemented SAP S/4HANA in a Greenfield environment, using HPE hardware, software, and services to do so
  • Outcome: Wrapping its HANA architecture in a pay-per-use model using HPE GreenLake helped the company access cutting-edge technology without large capital expenditures
Assemblage Entertainment rendering excellence with greater productivity and agility

In just a few years, Assemblage Entertainment has grown to become an international, full-service 3D animation and visual effects studio credited with making major Hollywood features.

  • Challenge: Tasked with creating media-rich assets, Assemblage wanted a best-in-class IT infrastructure that offers them flexibility, scale, reliability and affordability.
  • Solution: HPE GreenLake solution helped Assemblage overcome process bottlenecks of the past and achieve significantly greater productivity, reliability and speed.
  • Outcome: Assemblage is able to instantly meet customer demands, while reducing administrative complexity and preserving options for easy expansion.
Porsche Informatik forges data center from a single mold

Porsche Informatik, a wholly owned subsidiary and IT service provider of Porsche Holding based in Salzburg, needed to modernize its IT components from the ground up.

  • Challenge: The company wanted to create a data center that with high computing power, clear and manageable structures, a high degree of automation, the greatest possible security and a flexible billing model.
  • Solution: Changing its IT approach, Porche Informatik shifted to a software-defined data center using future-oriented HPE Synergy and HPE GreenLake.
  • Outcome: The new system simplifies and centralizes management, while providing the highest power computing available and enabling flexibility and agility.


HPE composable systems enable Government of Andhra Pradesh to improve citizen services

The Government of Andhra Pradesh streamlined application development and built fluid resource pools to meet each department’s unique workload needs to deliver more responsive, beneficial citizen services.

  • Challenge: Streamline data sharing across 200 departments to improve efficiency of internal operations and citizen services
  • Solution: Unify data and IT resources on HPE Synergy composable infrastructure and leverage HPE GreenLake for more cost-effective scalability
  • Result: Accelerated delivery of new services to citizens, improved accessibility of these services, and gained more predictable IT costs
“With the flexibility of the GreenLake model, it’s much cheaper to have it on-premises.”
-Georg Pieber, IT Teamleader, Austrian Economic Chambers

Flexibility for the Austrian Economic Counsel via WKO InHouse and HPE

The Austrian Economic Chambers’ internal IT organization, WKO Inhouse GmbH, delivers IT services and applications such as SAP® and Microsoft® Exchange to the country’s regional chambers as well as its main Vienna locations.

  • Challenge: Focus less on IT operations and focus more effectively on the advancement and growth of Austrian industries
  • Solution: WKO upgraded its legacy HPE storage infrastructure – previously managed under a patchwork of leasing and support contracts – and servers to HPE 3PAR and HPE Synergy
  • Outcome: The HPE GreenLake consumption-based framework reduces the administrative overhead that once encumbered the group’s procurement and deployment processes, and users get faster, simpler access to enterprise-grade IT hardware and support
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Kern County builds a cloud experience with HPE GreenLake

More than a million residents of central California’s Kern County depend on the county government for critical public services. Implementing flexible solutions like HPE GreenLake has enabled the department to support county government agencies effectively despite ongoing budgetary pressures.


Consumption-based IT brings cloud agility and cost efficiency to Nokia Software case study

Using HPE GreenLake, Nokia Software accelerated 5G software development with a private cloud as a service built on all-flash HPE 3PAR storage and HPE blades, maximizing performance and lowering CAPEX.

  • Challenge:  Support fast-growing software development and testing demands with greater agility and efficiency.
  • Solution:  Adopted HPE GreenLake consumption based IT model to build private cloud as a service on efficient, high-density HPE 3PAR all-flash storage.
  • Outcome: Nokia Software continues to maximize performance and reduce capital expenses, while reducing its environmental footprint.
LAKE Solutions dips into data storage to deliver agile backup as a service

LAKE put its trust in HPE with partner Scality to provide a highly reliable, secure, and scalable backup solution, delivered with HPE GreenLake to accommodate unpredictable customer demands with the agility and economics of the cloud.

  • Challenge: LAKE needed to improve flexibility and economics for delivering backup as a service to customers with unpredictable demands.
  • Solution: The company deployed Scality RING cloud built on HPE Apollo 4000 systems delivered with the HPE GreenLake as-a-service consumption model.
  • Outcome: Customer data is secure and compliant, and LAKE’s flexible platform makes it possible to deliver new service offerings while aligning costs to usage.