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In a data-driven, digital-first world, you need to create investment capacity to accelerate your transformation. You need solutions that address your needs across the IT lifecycle - funding, procurement, ensuring optimal capacity and responsible retirement. Combining over 20 years of technology insights and financial acumen, HPE Financial Services works with you to create innovative, sustainable IT asset management strategies across the entire technology estate, from edge, to cloud, to end-user devices. You have big plans. We can help you get there.

Fast-forward your path to HPE GreenLake

Your path to HPE GreenLake is clearer than ever

HPEFS can help you plan and fund your shift to aaS, using a combination of asset management and financial solutions – all while keeping your sustainability goals in mind and helping you to overcome barriers to peak performance.

  • Use the sale of legacy assets, across your entire tech estate from edge to data center and workplace - to fund your transition to HPE GreenLake
  • Modernize multi-generational IT and extend the life of legacy systems/applications
  • Responsibly decommission retired tech with globally consistent processes for all tech – no matter the vendor
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infused back into customer budgets from upcycling and accelerated migration programs over the last 3 years.

Align your innovation and asset plans

Align your innovation and asset management plans

As technology moves to aaS models, it is more important than ever to ensure that your assets and financial plans align. HPEFS can assist in unlocking the value of your entire IT estate making your IT investment a force multiplier.

  • Reduce funding barriers and create incremental budget with capital released from your end-of-use tech
  • Bridge the gaps when modernizing your multi-gen IT environment to ensure business continuity
  • Build secure IT lifecycle processes that are consistent and globally available to drive your sustainability goals 
  • Overcome supply chain constraints

assets processed through HPE Technology Renewal Centers.

Do more with your IT budget

Do more with your IT budget

Removing funding barriers to acquiring new tech means that you can proactively prepare for modernization and expansion. HPEFS makes it it easy for you to structure expenses in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

  • Establish predictable payment structures aligned to your needs while ensuring easy tech refresh
  • Ensure peak performance of multi-gen IT through sustainable asset management solutions
  • Take advantage of worry-free, flexible and turnkey solutions that can package hardware and software in a convenient per-unit model
  • Secure your competitive edge and get the tech you need with the budget you have today
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“We knew we needed to act quickly in order to ensure our modernization went forward. HPEFS allowed us to offset our financial commitment to them until the following year.”

Murat Yonar, IT Manager

Expand your sustainability goals

Expand your sustainability goals

Your sustainability strategy is not a fad. By aligning your IT tech strategies with sustainability initiatives, you are stronger, more resilient and are able to accelerate transformation. HPEFS understands this purpose and is the partner to help you plan an effective path forward to drive efficiency, reduce overprovisioning and minimize e-waste.

  • Think reduce and reuse and find untapped value in your IT estate
  • Ensure circularity with asset and financing solutions that include pre-set return commitments
  • Increase confidence with E2E visibility into asset reclamation, auditing, data sanitization and chain of custody
  • Showcase metrics and tracking to your sustainability team and executive with the Circular Economy Report
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of servers upcycled and returned to active use.


of laptops and workstations upcycled and returned to active use.

Sustainable solutions with HPE Financial Services

Force for Good Financing Program

Sustainable IT is a journey, and HPE Financial Services is rewarding those who are making an impact with favorable pricing and financing rates.

Save money. Boost your plans. Exceed your goals.

Don’t wait. Take advantage of this program today.

Onsite Decommissioning for HPE Asset Upcycling Service

HPE Financial Services can help customers protect the tech and data when assets are released for upcycling, ensuring compliance with regional data regulations and corporate governance. This enhanced service is now available globally for HPE Asset Upcycling services.

HPE Certified Pre-owned Services for HPE Nimble Storage Gen5

Driving innovation and reliability within your IT infrastructure doesn’t always mean relying on new technology.  Explore a sustainable and affordable way to overcome end-of-life migrations, keep pace with ongoing data demands and accelerate your path to HPE GreenLake with HPE Certified Pre-owned Services for HPE Nimble Storage Gen5.

Explore where you are on your journey to becoming a sustainable and environmentally focused business

To what extent do you take into account environmental concerns throughout the lifecycle of your technology? HPE Financial Services is here to help you make end-to-end choices from design to operation to end of life, optimizing the asset lifecycle and reuse of assets.

Quantify the environmental impact associated with your refurbished and recycled electronic equipment with HPE Financial Services

When you align your IT asset management strategy with your sustainability efforts, you can create business value and resiliency. Make your participation in the Circular Economy observable and accountable with the comprehensive HPE Circular Economy Report now with expanded country and language availability.

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Innovative, sustainable asset lifecycle strategies that ensure your IT and financial plans align to your business goals and make your investment a force multiplier—not a stumbling block.
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