Mobile First Networking Services

Bringing Intelligent Spaces to Life.

Create Intelligent Spaces

Aruba Mobile First Network Services accelerate outcomes and deliver intelligent spaces in the workplace and public venues, and workplace productivity at the intelligent edge. Our workplace solutions use context, analytics, and orchestration to personalise experiences. Our venues solutions increase use context, analytics, and orchestration to personalise, automate, and enhance user experience. Our Intelligent Edge Productivity solutions empower workers to be their most productive with the ability to work anywhere, anytime.

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The Trusted Network Transformation Approach

We take a mobile-first approach to create intelligent spaces in the workplace and work with partners such as Microsoft, Aruba, and others to address all the challenges that you face. Our 25 years’ experience in workplace transformation, the expertise of the thousands of our service professionals, our strategic partnerships in the industry, and our proven five-step approach makes us your trusted network transformation partner.

Mobile First Networking Services

RIOgaleão Airport Enhances Traveler Experiences

RIOgaleão Airport deployed a new core network and mobile engagement solution. Now its passengers quickly and easily find flight information, restaurants, shops and more using indoor navigation.

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