Storage Device Management Software

Do you need a quick and easy way to identify performance issues with your HPE XP7 Storage?

HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software identifies performance bottlenecks before they impact your business by collecting and displaying performance data for your HPE XP7 systems. It helps mitigate risk by providing performance alarm notification through email, SNMP, or user-defined scripts and helps avoid impending outages due to unavailable or misallocated storage resources. You get report generation and scheduling capability improving IT processes and maintaining array performance by immediately identifying any storage bottlenecks.

XP7 Performance Advisor Software reduces complexity and accelerates resolution of problems by collecting information from multiple arrays across multiple sites, and allows you to drill down to the exact problem area. Collect up to 320GB of historical data enabling detailed trend analysis and making it easier to analyze performance data at regular intervals.


Accelerate Business Growth by Identifying Performance Bottlenecks Before They Impact Your Business

The HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface providing a system view of all HPE XP7 Storage resources.

Provides an extensive reporting capability and a large 320GB database repository for detailed trend analysis.

Migrate data away from hot spots by using HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software with HPE XP7 Tiered Storage Manager Software.

The HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software supports HPE XP7 Storage.

Mitigate Risks with Automatic Alarm Notification Through Email, SNMP or User-defined Scripts

The HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software monitors the performance of the HPE XP7 Storage resources with automatic event notification via email, SNMP, and user generated scripts. You can quickly identify and resolve problems.

Stay informed by running reports for periods as short as an hour and using charts to examine current performance.

Reduce Costs of Performance Problems by Quickly Drilling Down to the Problem Area

The HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software allows you to quickly resolve problems with XP7 Watch, a command line interface utility. XP7 Watch is designed for focused trouble-shooting and can capture data as frequently as every 10 seconds.

XP7 Performance Advisor Software helps you prevent costly problems for overall cost reductions.