Storage Device Management Software

HPE XP Tiered Storage Manager Software is a plug-in application for HPE XP Command View Advanced Edition Software. It allows you to non-disruptively migrate HPE XP Disk Array data between tiers of storage while your applications remain on line. You can match key user quality of service requirements, like cost, performance and data protection level, to the storage attributes of HPE XP Disk Array controlled storage. HPE XP Tiered Storage Manager Software works not only with internal HPE XP Disk Array data, but also with External Storage, such as an MSA or EVA, connected to the HPE XP Disk Array.

HPE XP Tiered Storage Manager Software saves you time and eliminates disruption when you need to migrate ageing data to another tier of storage. With this product you can move the data while it remains online and ready for access. It improves data manageability and is perfect for applications which cannot be stopped or even paused.

What's new

  • HPE XP Tiered Storage Manager Software is now available for the HPE XP20000 Disk Array.


Migrate data without disrupting user applications

Match quality of service requirements to data storage attributes - meets user needs for tiered storage of aging data over long periods of time

Save time by grouping volumes that have similar storage requirements and performing operations on the group rather than dealing with each volume individually

Convenient Graphical User Interface saves you time when setting up groups and tiers of storage

Flexibility to meet changing user needs