HPE XP Thin Provisioning Software reduces the cost, accelerates the return on investment and reduces the environmental impact of your HPE XP24000 and XP20000 Disk Arrays. It allows you to supply disk storage capacity to your applications from a pool of virtualized storage. By enabling you to allocate your anticipated future storage capacity needs from virtual disk storage, HPE XP Thin Provisioning Software reduces the amount of physical disk capacity initially required. As utilization of disk space increases over time, you can purchase more disk capacity as it is needed and install it without affecting your applications. HPE XP Thin Provisioning Software reduces your initial storage acquisition cost, and reduces total cost of ownership, by allowing you to defer some storage purchases to a later date. Configure large logical volumes using a minimum of physical capacity, only paying for and installing storage when it is needed.

What's new

  • Enhanced performance with dynamic pool rebalancing
  • Improved storage utilization with host initiated pool space reclamation
  • Improved space efficiency with Zero-data page reclaim on regular or remote copy volumes


Eliminate the need to over-provision storage for your applications. Reduce initial disk and capacity-based software acquisition costs. Defer a portion of your storage purchases to a later date and take advantage of decreasing disk costs.

By reducing allocated but unused storage you can eliminate stranded storage and reduce the total amount of disk storage required over the life of the system.

Allocate the maximum future capacity for your critical volumes at the time of installation, yet only provide the physical disk capacity that is required today. As the capacity needs of your applications grow, add more physical disk capacity without impacting your hosts or applications.

Deploy more applications and servers on your storage infrastructure.

Save time planning and sizing storage by using the thin provisioning pool and its easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Reduce the environmental footprint of your storage by using HPE XP Thin Provisioning to reduce disk purchases, thus reducing floor space, power consumption, and cooling requirements.