Storage Device Management Software

HPE XP P9000 Resource Partition Software allows role based access control of XP P9500 resources. It allows storage administrators to partition XP P9500 Storage resources, at physical and logical level (Ports, Parity Groups, LDEV, Host Groups, External Volume) and assigning these resources to sub-administrators while retaining overall control.

HPE XP P9000 Resource Partition Software is ideal for a multi-tenant environment set up where dedicated sub-administrators need to manage the IT infrastructure needs of their respective business units. At the same time, it allows the datacenter administrator retain complete control of XP P9500 Storage resources. Datacenter administrators can decide to partition XP P9500 Storage resources either at a logical level to improve storage utilization efficiency or at a physical level to improve quality of service and avoid data and access breaches across multiple tenants.


Efficiently manage a large and complex datacenter running on XP P9500 Storage

Assign role based access controls to sub-administrators to modularize IT infrastructure management, even with a central IT infrastructure resource pool.

Useful for cloud service providers and for organizations with consolidated IT infrastructure, providing a platform to multiple tenants to host storage and charging as per usage.

Partition your HPE XP P9500 Storage per your business demands

Maximize XP P9500 Storage resource utilization with shared resources such as Ports, Parity Groups and External Storage, and dedicated resources such as host groups and LDEVs, with logical partitioning of XP P9500 Storage.

Create resource groups based on the needs of your customers or business units, helping to ensure that quality of service and data secrecy requirements are met with hardware based partitioning.