Storage Device Management Software

HPE XP P9000 for FlashCopy Mirroring Software enhances data availability for mainframe data and improves productivity by providing IBM FlashCopy compatible point-in-time copies within an HPE XP P9500 Storage. As soon as a copy is created, it becomes available for use. The copy can be either virtual or physical. If a virtual copy is specified, it remains a pointer-based copy that only saves the changes from the original. However, if a physical copy is specified, a full copy will be completed in the background while both the source and the copy remain available for access.

For additional availability, FlashCopy can be combined with Business Copy for Mainframe, Continuous Access Synchronous for Mainframe, Continuous Access Journal for Mainframe, and HPE XP P9000 for Compatible Extended Remote Copy.

What's new

  • Save storage space required by copies with FlashCopy Space Efficient. Reduce physical capacity of S-VOLs, and use storage based on the actual data being copied, not based on the P-VOL size.


Enhanced Data Availability and Improved Productivity for your Mainframe Environments

HPE XP P9000 for FlashCopy Mirroring Software enhances data availability by providing additional local copies of important information.

HPE XP P9000 for FlashCopy Mirroring Software improves productivity by creating instantly available point-in-time copies of production data for backup, testing, or for use by other applications.

Save space with FlashCopy Space Efficient

Reduce physical capacity of S-VOLs needed to make point-in-time copies.