Storage Device Management Software

HPE XP P9000 for Compatible Extended Remote Copy (XRC) Software provides disaster protection and data migration capability for data stored on an HPE XP P9500 Storage by implementing IBM mainframe compatible asynchronous remote replication. XP P9000 XRC provides the same functionality as IBM Extended Remote Copy (now called IBM TotalStorage z/OS Global Mirror), and is compatible with System Data Mover (SDM) mainframe software. When data is written to the local HPE XP P9500 Storage, XRC temporarily stores a time stamped copy of it in a side file. SDM in one of the mainframe hosts asynchronously reads the side file data from the local XP P9500 Storage and then writes the data to the remote disk array.

XRC can be combined with other XP P9500 Storage replication products for additional availability. When combined with XP P9000 Continuous Access Synchronous for Mainframe, XRC supports three Data Center disaster recovery solutions.

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Disk Array Data Protection

Designed with the functionality of IBM Extended Remote Copy and compatible with System Data Mover, HPE XP P9000 for Compatible Extended Remote Copy (XRC) Software provides the business continuity capability of asynchronous remote copy for HPE XP P9500 Storage in the mainframe environment.