HPE 3PAR Thin Suite offers the industry’s most comprehensive tools for thin storage. Thin Suite combines industry-leading HPE 3PAR Thin Provisioning, Thin Conversion, and Thin Persistence Software in a single suite. HPE 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software increases storage system efficiency and optimizes capacity utilization. It does this by addressing the problem of capacity over-allocation through eliminating the need to dedicate storage capacity up-front. With HPE 3PAR Thin Conversion Software, a technology refresh now offers the opportunity to reduce capacity requirements by up to 60 percent – simply and rapidly. HPE 3PAR Thin Persistence Software ensures that thin volumes on HPE 3PAR Storage System stay as lean and efficient as possible by reclaiming unused space associated with deleted data. Thin Suite enables users to not only save money on up-front capacity purchases, but to remain cost- and energy-efficient over time by ensuring that thin storage stays thin.


HPE 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software Reduces Capital Expenditure for Storage and Enables Green IT

Minimizes upfront disk drive purchases by reducing the number of drives required to store application data thanks to a dedicate-on-write approach that consumes physical capacity only as it is actually needed for written data

Reservation-less implementation draws and configures capacity in fine-grained increments from a single free space reservoir without pre-dedication of any kind, enabling enterprises to consolidate onto a single, dynamically tiered storage array with a reduced footprint

Fine-grained allocation unit size of just 16 KB (as compared to 1 MB - 17 GB with other solutions) prevents small writes from consuming megabytes or even gigabytes of capacity or from filling volumes during file system setup before application data is ever written

Leverages the massive scalability of the HPE 3PAR Storage System to enable customers to grow as business needs dictate by adding capacity easily and as needed instead of making a large up-front investment when legacy systems reach their capacity limits

Built-in, integrated Thin Provisioning design is fully integrated with HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy and Remote Copy Software to eliminate unnecessary duplication of unwritten capacity during local and remote volume replication

Thin Provisioning Reduces Operating Expenditures by Making Storage More Agile and Efficient

Autonomic implementation enables administrators to “set it and forget it”; capacity is dedicated and configured intelligently, just-in-time, and without active management without planning or the need to configure storage into intermediary pools

Capacity reductions cut SAN costs, floor space requirements, and energy expenses, easing recurring facilities and energy costs by eliminating the need to house, power, and cool drives that may not be needed for months or years to come, or may never actually be needed

HPE 3PAR Thin Conversion Software Drives up Storage Efficiency, Simply and Rapidly

With HPE 3PAR Thin Conversion Software, a technology refresh no longer requires a terabyte-for-terabyte replacement, but instead offers the opportunity to shrink capacity requirements by up to 60%, simply and rapidly

Leverages the HPE 3PAR Thin Built In ASIC and Thin Engine—a unique virtualization mapping engine for space reclamation—to drive the simple and rapid conversion of inefficient, “fat” volumes on legacy arrays to higher utilization volumes on any HPE 3PAR Storage System

Effectively “thins” legacy storage volumes while preserving service levels and without impacting production workloads

Does not require special host software or professional services

Helps reduce capacity costs as volumes are consolidated in conjunction with data center virtualization; as VMware Storage vMotion migrates data from legacy systems, Thin Conversion maps out deleted space from old virtual machines to save more space for new and growing applications

HPE 3PAR Thin Persistence Software Preserves High Capacity Utilization Levels Over Time

Delivers significant savings on both capital and operating costs by deferring the cost of capacity purchases to handle new data growth by freeing up allocated but unused capacity that can be used to store new application data

Leverages the unique HPE 3PAR Thin Built InASIC zero-detection capabilities to drive the ongoing, inline “thinning” of volumes at wire speeds while preserving service levels and preventing disruption to production workloads

Integrated with partner products to deliver the benefits of thin technologies to other areas of the data center, including the industry’s first database storage reclamation solution for Oracle Database 10g and 11g and automated virtual machine storage reclamation for VMware vSphere 5.0