Server Host Bus Adapters

The HPE LPe1205A is a PCI Express based 8Gb Fibre Channel Type A Mezzanine card compatible with HPE ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class servers. It provides superior reliability, exceptional performance, enhanced security, server side NPIV, and scalable management for virtual server and enterprise-class applications. The dual-channel design is ideal for mission critical applications that rely on highly available connectivity.

Using Emulex firmware and driver architecture, the HPE LPe1205A is designed to be fully driver compatible with all Emulex HBAs. This architecture allows firmware to be upgraded without taking the server off-line or re-booting, and without the need to upgrade the driver. As with all Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs, the HPE LPe1205A is managed with Emulex OneCommand™ Manager (OCM). This provides a secure, centralized administration console to discover and manage Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs on local and remote hosts.


Virtualization, uncompromising reliability, availability and serviceability

The HPE LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA for BladeSystem c-Class is a Type A Mezzanine card compatible with HPE ProLiant Gen8 server blades.

Bandwidth, CPU efficiency, and responsiveness required for large virtual server deployments.

Enhanced storage management capabilities in a virtual server environment by using NPIV to assign multiple Fibre Channel addresses on the same physical link, giving each virtual machine a unique path to storage.

Advanced error-checking and robust data integrity capabilities of Emulex solutions.

Improved power management by monitoring the environment.

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